Snake Saturday

by Scott on 03/14/2011

Kansas City’s insatiable (and inexplicable) love for St. Patrick’s Day is in full PDA mode. Lindsay and I are lucky enough to live near the route of one of the city’s largest annual parades.  It’s the main attraction of a festival called Snake Saturday which celebrates this legendary event, complete with car show, petting zoo, pony rides, live entertainment, and countless t-shirts with theme t where t is composed of any {shamrock, luck, drink, kissing, being Irish, not being Irish}. They’re the kind of t-shirts that exhibit the extra-noticeable fold marks that naturally result from spending the other 364 days under the weight of other clothes that get worn more than once per year.

The parade itself is massive.  This year there were over 110 entries, and it required more than 2 hours for us spectators standing 5-10 people deep to take them all in.  It’s one of our favorite annual events because we can walk to the parade route, and it shows off our corner of the city rather well.  It’s great for families, and this year we paid extra attention to the other parents with very small children.

“We’ll have to dress our baby warmer than that one.”

“Yeah, but we’ll probably have some super slick outfit that we’ll want to show off regardless of the temperature–just like that parent.”

“Hmmmm… good point.”

Mr. Stinky Feet describes the event in this video clip.

Scott Ramon