Week By Week – 16

by Lindsay on 04/2/2011

My parents visited during the last half of my spring break.  We had a good time! Mom and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart one day to look at cribs.  She also brought me lots of cute clothes.  They weren’t all maternity clothes; some just had extra room in the torso.  I was glad to have them because I feel like the last day or two that they were here, my stomach “popped out.”  Upon my return to work, I couldn’t button any of my pants so I broke out the rubber-band-around-the-button trick and the BellaBand.  My jeans are a different story.  I can still button them, more stretch, I guess.

Lindsay Pregnancy Week 16

One little kindergartner has become very enthusiastic about me having a baby. She asked if I wanted a boy or girl.  I answered that I just wanted a healthy baby. Later in the day, she said, “Besides a healthy baby, which do you want: a boy or girl.”  This is the same little girl who ran up to me at recess one day asking quickly, “Is the baby still the size of a lemon?”  I said, “No, this week it’s an avocado.”  Two other little girls had joined us by now, so she excitedly told them, “Okay, pretend I’m the size of an adocabo!” She explained herself by telling me they were playing house and she was the baby.  I love six year-olds.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 04/3/2011karla says:

    Great to see the picture of you and the avacabo! Next time I’m at the store I will have to pick one up! Hey…I’ve done the rubber-band-around-button-trick but for a different reason. But don’t tell anyone…OH MY..did I just say that! Well anyway, pretty soon you will have yourself a little bootydo. Alicia say’s that when your stomach sticks out more than you booty do!l I have that too! (LOL) Miss and Love your Both!

    Aunt Karla

  2. 04/3/2011Lindsay says:

    Haha! Aunt Karla, you are too funny (Alicia too)! I think the bootydo is just around the corner.