Week By Week – 17

by Lindsay on 04/5/2011

Well, this is first week that I have not been able to button my pants in the picture.  Like I said last week, I have not been able to button my work pants for at least a week now, but this week’s growth eliminated all but one pair of jeans.

I have had a cold for the past week.  Without the freedom to take things like Airborne, Cold-Eeze lozenges, or any cold relief medicine that I would usually take with a cold, my best friends have become oranges, hot tea, and NeilMed sinus rinse.  When I had a cold earlier in my pregnancy, I used the sinus rinse as soon as I noticed myself sneezing and sniffling and I started feeling better the next day.  This time around, not so much.  It has been lingering.

Lindsay Pregnancy Week 17

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 04/12/2011karla says:

    I love the pictures of you little belly! It prompted me to write this little poem for you and Scott

    Thought you might like a few baby names,
    To toss around as you play a few games,

    Kent is a nice name for little boy,
    But a manly name would probably be Roy,

    But then what if it is a girl you say,
    Of course it will be VERNA MAE!

    Love you both,

  2. 04/12/2011Lindsay says:

    Oh, Karla, I love reading your comments. They never fail to make me laugh! You know, that silver Verna cup (filled with silver coins, right?!) is very tempting.