Week By Week – 18

by Lindsay on 04/13/2011

Milestone for this week:  feeling the baby move!  The first time I felt the baby move was actually around 16 weeks.  At work one day, it felt like a hummingbird suspended in water was trapped in my belly.  It was brief and I hadn’t really felt anything I was as certain about since that day.  Over the weekend, as I lay down for bed, I put my hand on my belly and I felt a few sporadic taps. The next day at work I felt the baby (on the inside) all day long.  I think feeling the taps on the outside helped me make the connection to what it felt like on the inside.  Or maybe it just made me more conscious of it.  Scott was able to feel the tapping, too.

Pregnancy Week 18

On another note, this week’s produce is a sweet potato.  I stopped referring to the type of produce, but if you click on the photo above it will take you to a gallery of each individual picture with the produce as part of the name.  The website I have been using for the size references is The Bump and so far, it is referencing only the crown-to-rump (head-to-tush) length.  The width of the produce is irrelevant. (So, no, my baby is not on a yo-yo diet.)

Lindsay Ramon