Week By Week – 20

by Lindsay on 05/4/2011

Week 20’s cantaloupe looks extremely large next to my mini mango from last week, but it was a pretty accurate 6.5″ length (and remember length is all we’re looking at here).  Even though we have heard the heartbeat a few times now, the other day I was baffled by the thought that there are 2 hearts in my body right now.  I also thought about how thankful I am for God’s design of human pregnancy.  I’m not sure I’d be patient enough to sit on an egg.

A couple of the little girls in the classroom I work in have been creatively inspired by my pregnancy.  Here is some of their artwork.  So cute!  This one, titled “Mrsr Ramone” is a picture of me handing a smiling, swaddled baby over to Scott.

This one is a little harder to see since the artist chose a green cardstock and a metallic yellow marker.  Titled “Mrs. Rmoon,” is a picture of me celebrating (I love the arms in the air!) as the baby is crawling.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 05/6/2011joan nelson says:

    I think it`s a boy cuz the baby is wrapped in a blue blanket…

    and Lindsay, look how skinny you are right after giving birth!

    All 3 of you are smiling…what a happy family.

    Wonder what people think when they see you measuring the cantaloupes in the produce department.

    I want to see MORE kids` drawings. They are so cute!

  2. 05/14/2011Aunt Jane says:

    I can really relate to the kid’s drawings. We made class t-shirts this year with individual self portraits from each child, their name, the name of our class and year. Each kindergarten class chose a different color shirt and we are going to wear them to the zoo on our field trip this week. Praying for a day of sunshine!
    Love watching your baby grow. Another teacher from school had a baby girl on Thurs. (Betsy’s b’day). She and her husband had also decided to wait to find out the sex. They are all doing great! We still have 4 more pregnant teachers at school. Nothin’ like growing your own student body. We keep you in our prayers.

  3. 05/18/2011Allison says:

    Thanks for sharing the drawings! They are so cute! I’m still voting for a boy 🙂