Week by Week – 23 and 24

by Lindsay on 06/8/2011

Again, to catch up here are two new weeks.  The papaya’s length is similar to the baby’s length head to foot, but the baby doesn’t have the opportunity to stretch out straight at this point (though sometimes I’m convinced he or she tries).  And as evidence of my increasingly limited wardrobe, I wore the same shirt two weeks in a row (gah! embarrassing).

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 06/9/2011Aunt Jane says:

    You look great no matter what top you have on. By the way, are you eating all the produce you use in the pictures? I’m sure your little one will appreciate that. Make sure you are eating lots of protein for brain growth. When we were pregnant with Russ we took Bradley Childbirth classes. Each week I had to turn in a paper with what I had eaten each day and how many grams of protein. It really makes you think about what you are ingesting when you have to write it down. The classes lasted 12 weeks. I hated writing down ‘hot fudge sundae’.

  2. 06/13/2011Dee Ramon says:

    Love the pictures!
    It is a great way to remember these exciting times!