Sweet Shoe Rack

by Scott on 07/29/2011

The landing area leading to our garage is a pretty small space, and it tends to accumulate a heaping layer of footwear. Aside from being a significant tripping hazard, the shoe pile causes the door to be mostly blocked, so getting to/from our cars requires us to suck in our stomachs and slide through the door sideways just before we drop whatever we happened to be carrying down the garage stairs.

I wanted to fix the problem with something unique and hopefully aesthetically pleasing. We may have landed on a solution with this shoe rack installation. The coat rack seen in the pictures will be moved.

Shoe Rack

I knew we’d have to go vertical since anything on the landing itself would compromise the path of the door. Also, I figured triangles would be a good option because 1) they take up a very small amount of space 2) when you’re standing very close to the rack, your view of the shoes isn’t obstructed by the ledges since part of the shoe hangs off the side 3) they look a bit more dynamic and sculptural than rectangles in my opinion.

Shoe Rack

Clearly the project is not finished. We’ll need to paint them and then I expect cut some carpet squares for the tops of the ledges. The original plan was to have 11 ledges, but because of a mental math error on my part, I made a wrong cut leaving me with 10. Then, one of the triangles split when I was sanding it leaving me with 9. I’ve since cleaned out the flush-mount hardware stock at every Ace Hardware within 20 miles of our house which left me with 8 mounts. That’s where we stand now.

I have a sinking feeling the ledges will remain in their unfinished glory for some time. We’ll see… I’ll post more pictures if/when we finish it.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 07/30/2011Uncle Dan says:

    Paint them quick cause once the baby comes, all you want to do is hold the baby.

  2. 07/31/2011joan nelson says:

    Way to go, Scott… I`m impressed with your skills and your creative solution to the problem. I heard all about it at lunch today with Jane & Dan. Better watch it…you may start getting orders from family and friends. Next it will be on an Etsy site.

  3. 08/1/2011Scott says:

    Thanks! I would not want to inflict my home improvement skills on anyone, though. I think everyone is safer if I do as few projects with sharp objects as possible. We did buy some paint over the weekend, so maybe we’ll get them painted up this week.

  4. 08/2/2011kent says:

    Unique solution to a common problem. Good job. Norm Abram would be proud.

  5. 08/5/2011Allison says:

    Nice work, Scott…you just need a place for the baby’s shoes 🙂

  6. 08/22/2011Dee Ramon says:

    I love it! I willl have to show curt as we have a similiar issue which we solved with an ugly shoe rack on the back of the door.

  7. 08/11/2014mitch van vugt says:

    Would love some photos and more info on what wood you used, (as i like the look of that wood plane) how you figured out the cuts, how u mounted them without brackets showing, ect,ect looks awsome!

  8. 12/3/2015Dana Droppo says:

    Hi there! We would love to use these images in a post on Complex.com about cool ways to store sneakers.

    Can you provide permission? danad@complex.com

    Thank you!