A Preview and a Review

by Lindsay on 08/4/2011

The Project Preview:  The two bags of grey fabric I picked out in New York the day Scott indulged me and followed me around (or led me to?) four fabric and trim shops.  The fabric from Mood recently became a maternity skirt using a pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s latest book Handmade Beginnings (post on that to come).  The fabric from B & J Fabrics along with some solid yellow cotton will become some storage cubes for the nursery from Anna Maria Horner’s first book Seams to Me.  And the fabric in the center photo is… Anna Maria Horner fabric (can you tell I love AMH?).  Aren’t those colors gorgeous?!  I ordered it from her website and was so excited to get that little package in the mail.  They are part of a larger project for a baby “tummy-time quilt” that I dreamt up long ago.

The New York Fabric Store Review:  I have been wanting to review the fabric stores we visited in New York in case you ever go and want to visit some.  Before we went I did my research and found this to be a helpful website.

Mood~ We went here first, and I knew it would be overwhelming.  I had seen it on my favorite reality show Project Runway.  I had a specific project to buy for so I didn’t even wander upstairs.  I stayed mostly in the aisles of cotton and knits. They have an amazing selection.  Any fabric you could possibly want they probably have it, but the set-up is a bit hard to manage… roll on top of roll on top of roll.  How do you get that one on the bottom out?  The staff is more than willing to help, but I felt bad asking them to pull out multiple rolls just so I could look or feel.  Also, I apparently didn’t know the proper way to ask for a half yard or a third of a yard (the guy cutting my fabric told me to call it a ‘mid’ or ‘mini’ or something like that).

B & J Fabrics~ I went here for the quilting cottons, though they have much more than that.  This seems to be a very organized store, and I loved the set-up of the cottons.  They have a large swatch of each print hanging from a clip hanger so you can easily browse through them like clothing.  I think you can also cut a corner off of these large swatches if you need to take it with you.  I like that because then the fabric on the bolt doesn’t have a corner missing.  When you find one you want, a staff member will pull the corresponding bolt and cut what you need.  And it’s okay to say “half yard” here.

Paron Fabrics~ This store is much smaller than the previous two, as is the selection.  It is mostly garment type of fabrics.  I didn’t spend much time here since that was not what I was looking for at that point, but I read (and got the feeling) that good deals are often found here.

M & J Trimming~ Ribbons, cords, flowers, feathers, buttons, buckles, crystals, and more!  This place has all of the above in every color and style.  I didn’t end up buying anything because I didn’t have anything specific I needed, but if I did, I would have found it here.  It was fun to experience, and I only wish it were just a drive away for those moments when I find myself in need of an antique brass lion head buckle.  The walls (literally) of ribbons, buttons, and trim can be seen here along with some photos from Mood and B & J Fabrics (just look at Day 3, the first 8 photos).

Lindsay Ramon

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