Week by Week – 29 and 30

by Lindsay on 08/7/2011

It has been almost a month since I did a pregnancy photo update- yikes!  Baby is compared to a squash for weeks 29 through 32.  I wonder if at some point between the papaya, eggplant, and squash the comparisons switched from length to weight.  Maybe the baby weighs as much as a squash at this point, but weight just doesn’t translate as well through photos like length does.  Hmph.  So I went ahead and picked the longest squash I could find.  The curious looking butternut squash.
Pregnancy Week 29 and 30I am pretty behind (still) in my updates (posting this at 36 weeks).  We have the photos taken, but Scott is the timeline-maker so it takes some coordination between us.  If we wait another month to post, the baby will probably be here by then!  So hopefully, we’ll churn out the next 6 weeks of photos and really get caught up soon.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 08/14/2011Aunt Karen says:

    Hi Lindsay and Scott, I think of you often and wait for word on your baby! Just know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Karen and Jack