Fun Silhouettes

by Scott on 08/13/2011

Nelson Atkins Silhouettes

Here are some more shots from our outing at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum.  It was fun, but I got pretty sweaty running back and forth between the wall and the camera.  It was triggered by a timer and was precariously perched on a flimsy tripod which finally broke when I was folding it up.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 08/14/2011joan nelson says:

    I love these!!! Wow, Scott that`s a pretty high leap in that top middle photo. Looks like you`re both moving when I scroll up and down a few times quickly.

  2. 08/19/2011Aunt Joyce says:

    Those photos are so cool!! Have never seen ones you can do yourself. You are so amazingly creative! I hope they get framed as a collage or group on your wall. So cute.

  3. 08/21/2011Lindsey Towne says:

    aah! I love these pictures!!

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