Hospital Pictures

by Scott on 09/2/2011

We feel incredibly grateful and humbled by all of your comments, texts, emails, etc. The encouragement and well-wishes are overwhelming. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I apologize for not being more prompt with a follow-up post. I’m editing these pictures with a sleeping 4-day old on my lap and a cup of coffee nearby. Lindsay and I are tired, but wide-eyed with optimism. We’re having a blast getting to know our little fellow…


We started timing Lindsay’s contractions on Sunday at 4:30pm. We actually have every single one written down from 4:26pm to 2:14am, including duration as they became more frequent. We drove to the hospital at 2:30am Sunday, and he was born at 1:05pm Monday. We figured most of the labor process would be rather boring–waiting around for things to progress. It was not.

Lucas Yawn

We went to the hospital with 4 girl names and 3 boy names. After the birth we were down to 2 boy names, and it wasn’t until more than 24 hours after his birth that we turned Lucas’ Social Security form in with his name. Big decisions are not our forte.

Lucas Sleeping, Car

The staff at North Kansas City Hospital were very kind and helpful. Lindsay and I are still pretty clueless about a lot of things, but we’re learning quickly. Lucas is learning too. It’s like a strange partnership with two distinct sides, but we’re really all in the same boat.

Family Portrait

Scott Ramon

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  1. 09/3/2011Great Aunt Julie says:

    thank you for more photos and stories!!!! We love them.

  2. 09/3/2011Allison says:

    I love the photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. I just showed them to Grandma Ramon and she thinks Lucas is ‘really cute’. I can’t wait to meet him!

  3. 09/6/2011Dee Ramon says:

    Great Pictures! We have a similiar one of Eric yawning like that, must be a Ramon trait!

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