Contest Results

by Scott on 09/3/2011

Blue Ribbon

A few weeks ago, we posted a survey allowing anyone who was interested to guess on several aspects of our delivery. A big thanks to the 31 people who submitted guesses. Here are the much anticipated results:

Overall Winner:  Molly Carrick!

Scott’s cousin Molly guessed correctly on 3 out of the 4 criteria (gender, date, weight)! Nice job Molly! For your excellent achievement, you receive free reign over any and all diaper changing responsibilities when you’re around Lucas. All supplies will be provided free of charge.

Second Place:  Joan Nelson

Lindsay’s mom, Joan, guessed correct on gender and time, and was a mere 1 ounce off on weight. So, nearly 3 correct.

Third Place:  Kent Nelson, Scott Ramon

Kent and Scott got two out of the 3 correct. They will each receive a coveted certificate of participation.

Scott Ramon

There are 6 comments in this article:

  1. 09/3/2011grandma lois says:

    Way to go Molly!! These ribbons look fancier than the ones you win at the Boone County fair.

  2. 09/4/2011Great Aunt Julie says:

    Congrats Molly! I will share in your winnings if you want-

  3. 09/4/2011Molly Carrick says:

    Thank you very much—I think. I don’t know how to change a diaper–so I am willing to share my prize with ANYONE.

  4. 09/5/2011Scott says:

    We’ll teach you!

  5. 09/5/2011Great Aunt Julie says:

    Scott, with a prize like this one, my guess is you will have a decreasing number of contestants on down the line. Uncle Marshall

  6. 09/7/2011Aunt Joyce says:

    Congrats to the winners…I would say those people know you pretty well….you are never late for anything and that little guy is just like his Mommy and Daddy.