Home Sweet Home

by Scott on 09/7/2011

Joan and Crib

Lindsay’s parents had been staying with us since last Wednesday when Lucas came home from the hospital. They were a big help, and we ate very well thanks to their generous efforts in the kitchen. We are very appreciative. Lucas enjoyed meeting them too!

Doctor VisitWe also had our first doctor visit on Thursday, less than 24 hours after we brought him home. We figured it would be a piece of cake (see picture on the left). Instead, we ended up having to wait for nearly 45 minutes in the waiting room which gave Lucas more than enough time to get really hungry and to dirty his diaper. I figured it would be a good opportunity to change him while the nurse was taking his weight and height measurements, and Lucas figured it would be a good opportunity for him to pee… after his diaper was removed… all over the scale and the walls. His poor parents started scrambling to contain the flow while apologizing to the nurse who was surely watching with a “Gotta love the first-time parents.” look on her face. The picture on the right is me trying to console a frustrated, tired, hungry Lucas shortly afterward. The poor guy pretty much screamed the whole time.

Lucas on Scott

Our family is very sleepy. Lucas sleeps fine once he’s settled, but transitioning from awake/fed to lying in bassinet by himself is tough.

Yogurt at Zona Rosa

We took Lucas on his first ever outing–a trip to an outdoor mall to return some stuff and get yogurt. Our awesome stroller performed spectacularly. Lucas pretty much slept the whole time so he missed out on the delicious treats.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 09/7/2011Aunt Jane says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful update and pictures! I love seeing the new pics and reading all about your experiences. Lucas is so adorable! Enjoy every moment.

  2. 09/7/2011Katie says:

    Those first doctor’s appointments are the worse. And we have so many pictures of Evelyn, super tiny, asleep on Carl. It’s lovely to see you do the same. May you have extra grace and patience this week. Much love.

  3. 09/8/2011Ann Carrick says:

    Each of my girls “christened” the scale too! The nurses seem to just know that’s going to happen.

    The key for survival for us at this stage was to sleep whenever the baby sleeps.

  4. 09/8/2011Aunt Judy says:

    Granny Joan looks very happy to help get him off to a good start. Grandpa is the one that knows how to put baby to sleep and himself also. Good sitter!!
    He is sure a good looking baby, but then look as his BIG Family. We only know
    how to have good looking babies. Right? ENJOY ! Time goes so fast.

  5. 09/8/2011joan nelson says:

    Yes, I must agree with Ann… whenever possible, SLEEP when the baby sleeps.
    Thanks again for a memorable week of bonding with our first grandson…and let us know when you need a sitter. ;o)

  6. 09/9/2011Jill Roberts says:

    Dear Lucas,
    It was so nice to see you in a picture with your new Granny. I just want to let you know she is the “shutter bug” of the family and always seems to capture everyone’s good side. The bad thing is she is always on the other side of the camera. We’re all counting on you to get her in the picture with you as much as possible.
    Kisses to you and your Mommy and Daddy.
    See you soon!

  7. 09/9/2011Aunt Joyce says:

    Thanks for updating “the life of Lucas”. Such cute photos. He looks soooo tiny in that big crib. And so calm and peaceful in Grandma’s lap. And out and about all ready with Mommy for a walk….there will be many days like that, I’m sure. What a great way of sharing with all of us since you are at a distance and we can’t be there. I laughed when Lindsay told me on the ph about the weighing in incident…happens to all of us who’ve had baby boys at their first time…that open air gets them every time. lol. Reminds me of that commercial on TV now. Enjoy and laugh. Love you,

  8. 09/9/2011Aunt Karen says:

    You cannot possibly imagine how much I enjoy your pics and comments!! You make me smile soooo much! Thank you for sharing. Loveyas all, Aunt Karen

  9. 09/9/2011karen says:

    I finally found your blog and am lovin’ on all the cute pics of that gorgeous Lucas! Can’t wait to meet him in person!

  10. 09/11/2011Dee Ramon says:

    Great-grandma Irene are really looking forward to meeting Lucas. All kids pee as soon as the diaper is removed, you learn to have something handy to cover them 🙂