Lucas, week two

by Scott on 09/14/2011

Lois and Allison

Lucas had more visitors last weekend. My mom and sister came to stay with us, and Lindsay’s sister Erika and her boyfriend Beau stopped in for a day (and generously cooked us all dinner). We had fun… walks, presents, tons of pictures. At one point I was transferring pictures from 5 different cameras to my computer.

Lucas Stroll

Here’s Grandma Lois proudly pushing her grandson. You can probably tell by our get-up that this walk took place on Saturday. I’m already pricing January tickets to Pasadena.

Lucas Footwear

Grandma came bearing gifts from friends and family in Illinois. Check out these sweet John Deere socks. I did my best to hide my jealousy when he opened them. Allison brought him some traditional slippers from North Africa. Also totally awesome.

Lucas Outings

We had a neighborhood picnic on Sunday, and Lucas made a new friend. Another couple who live near us had a son two weeks before Lucas was born. We were actually in the same birthing classes together at the hospital, so we were excited to catch up with them post-delivery. We later walked to Dairy Queen–the picture on the right shows us mid-snack.

Family Portrait

Scott Ramon

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  1. 09/19/2011Kevin & Julie says:

    Loved the pix! Congratulations. Kevin & Julie

  2. 09/19/2011AuntJudy says:

    Love seeing the complete little family. We know he sure has a big family to love him and watch him grow with awsome parents. Enjoy every minute, and don’t forgt to rest when you can. Love to you all.