If the Crown Fits…

by Lindsay on 10/11/2011

Remember these matching mother/baby crowns made by a student I worked with last year?  Well I’m so glad I not only kept it over the summer, but also took a picture of Lucas wearing it and printed it out to give to the little artist.  I took Lucas to the school with me last week to introduce him to all the students who saw me grow a bump last year.  As soon as this first grader saw me holding Lucas, she asked, “Did the crown fit?”  Thankfully, I was able to give her this photo to show her how proud Lucas was to wear it.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 10/11/2011joan nelson says:

    I`m so glad you did that, Linds. She was probably thrilled to see that crown being worn by Lucas. I`m sure it made her feel special!

  2. 10/14/2011Aunt Joyce says:

    How sweet and thoughtful of you. Lucas does look like a little prince. He is soooo cute!!! Don’t you just love looking at him!

  3. 10/14/2011Lindsey Towne says:

    What about the picture of you in your crown, Linds?