Halloween Pictures

by Scott on 11/4/2011

Lucas and Blake Halloween Costumes

Here are Lucas and Lindsay with our neighbor Melissa and her son Blake who is two weeks older than Lucas. Lindsay helped Melissa make Blake’s gingerbread outfit. Both of these guys look so cute in their costumes.

Lucas the Gnome

We went to a neighborhood Halloween party last weekend, and Lucas wore his costume. Most people thought he was an elf or even Santa Claus. The ladies at the party were super excited to see him.

Lucas Pumpkin Outfit

Here’s an outfit that was a gift from Grandma Lois. Lucas seemed to enjoy the little pumpkin hat.

Our Pumpkins

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year. Lindsay was still finishing hers half-way through the trick-or-treating evening, but it looks really cool. Mine is a reference to the film The Red Balloon which I remember from my childhood. We had nearly 100 trick-or-treaters come by our place!

Scott Ramon

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  1. 11/5/2011Great aunt Julie says:

    too cute- you two are way too creative- would love to have Lindsay here so we could create together. Now what kind of job and church do I need to find in Northern Illinois;)

  2. 11/5/2011Aunt Jane says:

    Fantastic pictures! It’s great that you have neat neighbors to enjoy! We love seeing all your marvelous creations! Luvyas, Aunt Jane and Uncle Dan

  3. 11/5/2011Allison says:

    The Red Balloon!!! I remember that movie! Why did we have that and watch that anyway? I’m wondering what made you think of that. Nice pumpkins, but and even cuter kid 🙂

  4. 11/5/2011Allison says:


  5. 11/5/2011joan nelson says:

    Love the photos…cute babies & creative costumes. The pumpkins are both unique. I remember seeing “The Red Balloon” film about 25 years ago,and I really liked it.
    I`m glad that you are capturing all these special moments and sharing them with us.

  6. 11/8/2011Scott says:

    Ha, Julie… we’ll keep your offer to help in mind and let you know when we need it.
    Allison, I don’t know why we had it really, but we watched it quite a bit. It was all in french, but there was so little dialogue that it didn’t really matter. I stumbled upon some Red Balloon images, because I was originally going to carve a copy of some graffiti by the artist Banksy. The Red Balloon picture was simpler, so I chose that instead.

  7. 11/8/2011Dee Ramon says:

    Very cute! What a difference, we had no trick or treaters this year!. Our church had 1500 people at trunk or treat, so i guess that is where everyone is going now.

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