Christmas No. 0

by Scott on 01/5/2012

Lucas with Santa

Santa must have been having a rough day. He was in his third and last hour of visitors when we showed up, and the Christmas spirit was dwindling along with the line of children. Was he Jolly? No. Did he say “Ho-Ho-Ho”? No. Was he a bit creepy in the way he lured children onto his lap with candy? Yes. Oh well. Lucas was oblivious for about 20 seconds until he realized he was being held by a large man in strange clothes–then he wasn’t so sure.

Christmas 2011

We spent the first part of our Christmas travels in Belvidere to visit my family and the second part in Peoria to visit Lindsay’s family. Everyone had a fun meeting Lucas, some for the first time. Lucas did great. His teething started to bother him toward the end of the trip which made our 6 hour car ride home more like 8.

Julie Quilt

There is a deep, deep sense of support and affection we receive from our families: the Ramons, Nelsons, Cannells, and Harshbargers. It’s easy to dwell on this after we all spend time together. This quilt was created by my aunt Julie. It’s made of wool fabric taken from the clothes worn by family members, including some of my dad’s suits. We’re humbled by a gift like this, and I’m thankful that seeing it reminds me of the family that supports us on all sides.

Lucas with Present

I had (still have?) plans to post a full album of an assortment of pictures we took over the holiday. Hopefully I’ll get to that within the next week or so.

Also, this post is titled with a 0 instead of a 1, because in computer science we usually start counting with 0 and because Lucas isn’t 1 yet, Christmas posts can be numbered with his age instead of his age + 1. Sorry if it bothers you, but I feel like it’s more accurate this way.

Scott Ramon

There are 3 comments in this article:

  1. 01/5/2012Aunt Jane says:

    Love, love, love the pictures! Keep’em coming!

  2. 01/5/2012Aunt Joyce says:

    Love how Lucas looks surprised and loves his gifts….and what a special quilt…so beautiful! Loved all the photos…Lucas is such a cutie. Hope Lindsay had a Happy Birthday today (1-5-12) too.

  3. 01/6/2012joan nelson says:

    Lucas looks like he`s waving (in the picture with Santa).
    What a work of art that quilt is! Very unique, well done, & something to cherish.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.