Busy Busy Busy

by Scott on 03/3/2012

Hello again! We’re up to a bunch of new stuff here a the Ramon household. Lucas can pretty much sit on the floor by himself, he’s been eating cereal for three weeks, and he’s nearly crawling. It’s crazy how fast things change with him. I have a bunch of pictures queued up, so I’ll post them after I get them all cropped and prepped.

Little Lucas

Also, happy birthday to ramonfamily.org! We made our first post one year ago yesterday. Unfortunately I have to take this opportunity to once again apologize for not posting more frequently. Things have been busy for us here in Kansas City. I’m spending a lot of my not-so-spare time on a software project which doesn’t leave much room in the schedule for creating new posts. When we started this thing I wouldn’t have guessed that we’d still be keeping it up after a year. I’m glad you all have enjoyed it. It’s been really fun for us to share.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 03/4/2012Aunt Jane says:

    I am so appreciative of your time and effort to post pictures of your family. It is hard to have Lucas so far away. This is the best way we can keep up with all his changes. We love your cleaver descriptions for all the pictures too. We will be patient and enjoy your posts whenever they appear. Thanks

  2. 03/8/2012The Purple Carrot says:

    Happy Birthday ramonfamily.org! 😉

  3. 03/12/2012grandma lois says:

    nice shirt. he’s ready to start planting