by Lindsay on 03/11/2012

Frustrated Crawler

Along with turning six months old seems to come many milestones: trying new foods, sitting up, and crawling.  Lucas is definitely trying all of these.  Whether they are enjoyable or not, he is not so sure.  We have tried to encourage him to crawl by placing a few toys (onlookers) just beyond his reach.  Lucas just thinks they are mocking him.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 03/11/2012Joan Nelson says:

    The expression on his face is like “You guys just wait…I`m gonna get ya!” ;-D

  2. 03/15/2012Erika says:

    Quit looking at me, swaaaaaan!

  3. 03/16/2012Aunt Karen says:

    Your pictures continue to make me smile! Thanks so much for sharing. Lucas reminds me of my kids when they were babies. WOW! How time flies!

  4. 03/25/2012Allison says:

    Keep him crawling! It is SO good for him 🙂