Snake Saturday

by Scott on 03/29/2012

Snake Saturday Parade

A couple weeks ago, North Kansas City had its annual Snake Saturday festival. We enjoy going to the parade; you can read more about it in this post from last year.

The weather was great. Lucas is wearing a hat not because it was chilly, but because we were worried about the top of his head getting sun burned. We’ve since bought a bucket hat that you’ll likely see in future pictures. All the activity was pretty overwhelming for him–the sirens, honking trucks, shouting people, kids running after candy. The look on his face in this picture is pretty much how he looked the whole time.

Like usual, there were loads of people there to watch an endless stream of parade participants. Lots of fun.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 04/2/2012Joan Nelson says:

    The expression on his face at the parade shows that he`s thinking, ” I can hardly wait `til Mom & Dad get me a set of drums so I can make loud music like those people marching in the bands.”