Stylish Dude

by Scott on 04/22/2012

Fancy Pants

Lindsay made this cool bow-tie and suspenders outfit for Lucas so he could dress like the cool guys at church. He’s way more stylish than his parents, that’s for sure.


This is a shot of John and Lucas sizing each other up. John feels threatened because, according to him, there’s only room for one dapper dude in our church.

Fancy Pants

Scott Ramon

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  1. 04/22/2012Aunt Joyce says:

    OMG…He is soooo cool! He just couldn’t get any cuter!! His expressions are so adorable. You really capture some darling photos. He looks like a little man. Love ’em. Sure you had some great family time with Grannie and Pa (I don’t know what Lucas calls grandpa). Thanks for sharing.

  2. 04/23/2012Andrea Mattingly says:

    Oh my goodness! He is the cutest little thing!

  3. 04/23/2012Aunt Karen says:

    I am trying to clean out some “forever junk” in our house. Guess what I found just yesterday? Three bow ties that Mom made for Dad!! I think he actually wore them. I debated keeping them, but didn’t as one was made out of the old double knit polyester fabric. The other two were cotton and a bit soiled. Now why did I save them, or even have them all those years? Must have been to share with you! I’m sure Kent told you how much our Grandma Monroe sewed. Grandma made me a blue velvet dress during the era the song “Blue Velvet” was popular (1964ish). My date and I thought I looked pretty cool, too! I don’t have the dress 😉 I soooo enjoy your pics!

  4. 04/24/2012Aunt Jane says:

    Oh, I just want to hug him! I can’t wait till he starts talking! Love all the pictures. What a creative family. Keep posting!
    Uncle Dan and Aunt Jane

  5. 04/25/2012Lindsey Towne says:

    Just as long as he doesn’t become a hipster…

  6. 04/25/2012Betsy Boulton says:

    OMG!!! These are priceless!! Absolutely love it! What a hunk!

  7. 04/25/2012Erika says:

    I just love these!!

  8. 04/30/2012Heather Steines says:

    He & the outfit is ADORABLE!!

  9. 05/12/2012Aunt Karla says:

    Lucus is so darn cute!!! I love the bow-tie! Do you think you could make baby Brann one? I wouldn’t need it until winter. LOL!