Video Update II

by Scott on 07/9/2012

When Lucas was first learning to pull himself up on taller things, he would do this up-down-up-down thing for a while. This first video captures some of that.

This video isn’t very interesting, but I always think the way he hooks his little toes on the bottom of his food tray is kind of cute. He was abnormally chill in this video. Most eating sessions are quite noisy with a lot of spinning, leaning side-to-side, and flailing arms.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 07/9/2012Joan Nelson says:

    I love his little toes on the bottom of the tray. He was being very patient as he waited for each morsel of food.
    The UpDown video is funny. He seems to love the challenge of pulling himself up……..again & again.

  2. 07/9/2012Lindsey Towne says:

    I was getting tired watching him go through all that work of going up and down!

  3. 07/15/2012Aunt Joyce says:

    It’s so neat to see moving, active pictures of him…almost like being there…ALMOST. Can’t wait to see him again…he is soooo adoreable. Thanks for taking the time to record and send to keep us all updated.

  4. 07/17/2012Great aunt Julie says:

    Uncle M. commented it is so nice when you don’t have far to fall.

  5. 08/13/2012John Dunne says:

    Interesting song that is in the background…