by Scott on 08/27/2012

Dinner Faces

Scott Ramon

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  1. 08/28/2012Joan Nelson says:

    Lucas looks like he`s belting out a song in the top picture.

  2. 08/28/2012Joan Nelson says:

    In the 2nd one he seems to be saying, “Mama…I`m still waiting for my dessert.”

  3. 08/28/2012Lindsey Towne says:

    At least he’s facing the right direction!

  4. 08/29/2012Aunt Karla says:

    I agree with Grandma Joan in the 1st picture. Probably gonna be an opra singer!!
    Love his bib too!!

  5. 08/29/2012Aunt Karla says:

    The 2nd pic I think Lucas is saying “Ah gee mommy, why can’t we get that puppy. I could give the dog some of my food.”

  6. 09/1/2012Aunt Karen says:

    I can’t believe how grown up Lucas looks! My first thought at these two new pics: did Lindsay knit the red and blue bib? Keep the pics coming. You always make me smile and make my day!!

  7. 09/1/2012Lindsay says:

    Yes, I think he was singing Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore.” Aunt Karen, one of Scott’s cousins crocheted the bib. It is one of our favorites because it has a button closure, so he can’t pull it off.

  8. 09/2/2012Great aunt Julie says:

    Love the singing one. I think Katie makes bibs like that one. thanks again for coming to Phil’s wedding- so wonderful to have all the cousins together celebrating marriage and family!

  9. 09/2/2012Allison says:

    Love it!!!!!!

  10. 09/5/2012Lindsay says:

    Yes, Aunt Julie, that is one of Katie’s creations. We love it!

  11. 09/9/2012Great aunt Julie says:

    Oh dear – saw now you said Katie (cousin) made the bib- I think I better wear my glasses more often! I read it as Aunt Karen did- oh dear oh dear oh dear.