Sailboat Party

by Lindsay on 09/13/2012

I started thinking about Lucas’s first birthday party about 2 months in advance. I found inspiration in a photo of a cake that had a paper bunting (triangle flags) topper. Somehow that led me to “sailboat” and I ran with it.  I figured this may be the only birthday where Lucas has no preferred theme. I had so much fun creating many of the decorations for this party. It was my creative outlet for awhile. Some items I bought from a couple different craft stores, but most of the handmade decorations were ideas I saw on Pinterest. I also had a lot of help once we arrived in Illinois.

In Peoria, my mom had many of my requests on hand and helped me assemble some of the decorations, as did my sister-in-law, Stephanie. In Belvidere, Aunt Carol brought some blue punch with frothy, ice cream waves. My mother-in-law, Lois, made a lot of the food (specifically the deviled eggs which we turned into sailboats). Allison helped with the watermelon shark whale. Everyone had a hand in the cute life preserver “thank you” cookies (making the dough, cutting them out, baking, frosting, bagging). And a special thanks goes to the two cake bakers. That’s a birthday party’s main decoration! Lindsey made a delicious coconut cake for my little Sculpey sailboat topper, which I plan to turn into a Christmas ornament. And, in keeping with tradition, Grandma Cannell made a very special sailboat shaped cake complete with foil wrapped coins scattered throughout.

I don’t plan on going all out on the decorations every year, but the first year birthday is extra special. Just remind me of this in about 10 months when I get that glassy-eyed look while perusing Pinterest.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 09/13/2012Joan Nelson says:

    I love the sailboat theme and how you carried it out through creative decorations and the food. Pinterest has so many wonderful ideas. I can see why you like to go there, Linds. I especially like the little boat you made that can be used as an ornament. Every year when you hang it on the tree, it will bring back memories of that 1st birthday.

  2. 09/16/2012Valerie says:

    What creative and cute ideas!! Love it!!

  3. 10/13/2012Erika says:

    So cute, Lindz! So many details! You should be a kids party planner!