A Couple Videos

by Scott on 10/7/2012

Sorry we’ve not been super active in the past weeks. I’ve rediscovered my passion for mountain biking, so I’ve had to sacrifice picture posting time while the weather is nice. Here are a couple videos though.

Lucas shows off his dance moves in this first one. It’s old, but too adorable to leave out.

Here is Lucas showing off his new skill: WALKING! Yes, he’s walking now, and he definitely prefers that to crawling.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 10/9/2012Dee Ramon says:

    Walking is a whole new world! for them and for you!

  2. 10/10/2012Luraine Cannell says:

    Wow!!! How exciting! Now it will keep you bus;y checking on what he is in to. But oh , how thrilling. God has certainly blessed so many of us. I don;t think he can get into much in this house. I wonder if I have any toys for him. THANK YOU so much for the pictures and in moving. I am so grateful!
    Lots of love, Grandma C

  3. 10/10/2012Great aunt Julie says:

    Oh dear the holidays will be so much fun with mobile Lucas. One of ours pulled the Christmas tree over- trying to pull themselves up.

  4. 10/10/2012Joan Nelson says:

    Yes, Julie…I`m already planning to put our tree on the (enclosed) front porch this year…..that will leave more space for Lucas to toddle about and less chance of a mishap as a result of his curiosity. Can hardly wait for the gathering and celebrating. We are so blessed!

  5. 10/10/2012Joan Nelson says:

    P.S. Love the audio in the dancing video…those giggles are contagious!

  6. 10/12/2012Great aunt Julie says:

    Joan, I think we then figured out how to wire the tree to some thing on the wall/window/door- I forget what all- but it was really not beautiful. But our farm trees usually lacked beauty anyhow-

  7. 10/14/2012Allison and Vince says:

    We love these videos!!!! Does Lucas get his dance moves from his mom or dad 🙂 We like the onesie he’s wearing too….getting big!

  8. 10/14/2012Lindsay says:

    Allison and Vince- Ha! You should know Lucas gets any dancing ability from his dad, but his mom is not opposed to busting a move with Lucas when the blinds are closed. No shame.

  9. 10/23/2012Lindsey Towne says:

    I love the booty shaking! Sounds like cool music that he’s listening to, too.

  10. 11/16/2014A Summer Outing - THE RAMONS says:

    […] Once he had tried a few things, he loved the little rides and winning tickets from the games. This video makes me giggle every time I watch it because it was one of the first times I really saw him let loose and dance with reckless abandon. But I already knew he loves to dance. […]