Halloween Costume

by Lindsay on 11/17/2012

As you may have guessed from this sneak peek, Lucas was a chicken for Halloween. I got the idea from this year’s October issue of Parents Magazine. It seemed easy enough to make/assemble. (And this little guy has the cutest chicken legs.) I purchased the long-sleeved onesie which he can wear this winter as a layer under t-shirts. I cut out a “comb” from red felt leftover from last year and sewed it on a plain white hat I bought at Hobby Lobby. The yellow leggings I made by tracing around some slim fitting pajama pants he had. Lucas wore the hat for the Halloween party in the park, but on Halloween he was not interested in wearing any of it, so we didn’t take him to any neighbors’ houses. Maybe next year. Scott took these pictures a few days later.

A few of you have asked about pictures from the Mustache Dash. My friend Valerie and I had fun with it. Another friend, Chelsey, came to cheer us on and take pictures. Unusual for a 5k, we even received mustache-shaped finisher’s medals. Lucas even tried on a mustache for about an eighth of a second.

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 11/17/2012Great aunt Julie says:

    Hope he likes my chickens when he comes this week!

  2. 11/19/2012Joan Nelson says:

    An eighth of a second was just long enough to capture that funny expression of Lucas sporting a mustache.
    You`re right, Linds…he does have cute chicken legs. But then…he had cute gnome legs last year.

  3. 12/19/2012Ash P says:

    I love the little chicken costume!!! So darling!!!