Sentimental Me

by Lindsay on 04/25/2013

The above pictures were taken in January of 2006. Scott had just moved everything he owned from his downtown Kansas City apartment to our new rowhome using his Grand Prix. I had come out for a visit to see the place I would be living after our April wedding. We took pictures throughout the house so I could show my family in Illinois. We always new this two-bedroom place would be a starter home and planned to spend 5-7 years here. Almost exactly 7 years from the day I moved in, we will move out.

We recently purchased a charming, Victorian home in a neighboring town. Scott has been on a hunt to determine if the 1875 year we were given is accurate. We are so excited about it, although it is very different from our new-construction rowhome. No more double vanity in the master bathroom (master bathroom?), no more walk in closets, no more garage. While we were house hunting, we dismissed the Victorian house for those very reasons. As we continued to look, we realized we wanted a place with character. A place where we would love coming home and not be too embarrassed at it’s frivolity. We both came back to the old home because it fit the bill. It feels genuine. It feels like “us.”

We realize that, while it is in great shape and has had many updates already, it will probably become our new hobby and creative undertaking. We will spend evenings and weekends fixing this, building that, and deciding how to think outside the box (er… closet) for storage.

For me, moving is bittersweet. I have really only lived in two homes my entire life (aside from college dorms and apartments). I moved from the home where I spent the first 24 years of my life to the home where I spent the past 7 years. Sentimental Me will miss having a view and instant accessibility of a great park. Sentimental Me will miss walking with Lucas and Scott to the library, post office, wading pool, CVS and a couple restaurants. Sentimental Me loves being able to walk around the house in the dark because I know it that well. Sentimental Me will miss being a stone’s throw from a great neighbor and fellow stay-at-home-mom, not to mention all our other sweet neighbors. Sentimental Me doesn’t like getting rid of things because we won’t have room to store them. Sentimental Me wishes we could just live in our current place for a really long time.

Then there is Grateful Me. I am really grateful that we’ve been blessed with the ability to buy a house and spend 7 years here making great memories. I’m grateful we will be within walking distance to a coffee shop, restaurants, a different (but equally good) park, and farmer’s market. We are excited about the many festivals and celebrations that take place in the park. I’m looking forward to letting Lucas dig around in the yard (a yard!) or the neighborhood garden across the street. We are excited to decorate the rooms in a more quirky, whimsical way than was fitting at our rowhome.

All in all, I think it will just take time for me to feel equally sentimental about our new, old home. While I’m not a big fan of major change, it is comforting to think that no matter where we go in life and no matter what happens, God never changes. He is constant and always there. God also continues to remind me that he is the Giver of all our good gifts and our cup overflows!

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 04/26/2013Aunt Jane says:

    What a wonderful adventure for you! Candrew is moving this weekend. Their apartment was turned into a condo and sold so they found another place in a good location. Drew was talking about boxing everything up and he realized that I couldn’t relate since I have only lived in 3 places in my whole life. We are looking forward to lots of pictures on line as you make the place your own. It will be awesome I’m sure. Luvyas, Aunt Jane

  2. 04/27/2013Aunt Joyce says:

    Wow, Lindsay, what a neat posting to read. To put it all in words…the feelings, the memories, the goals for the future…you have a gifted talent (I think it runs in your family. lol) I agree…the house looks fabulous…so much character. I have only lived in 4 houses in my life. Suzi faced many of the same thoughts you have had. She designed and built her first house and put lots of special features in it that any woman would love. Her new house will need some redoing before she moves in. It’s not the Best ever but is located where she wants to be with Emma. Keep us posted on your progress. You guys are so creative…it will be fabulous…and homey. Hope I can see it some day. Love ya, Aunt Joyce

  3. 04/27/2013Great aunt Julie says:

    Ah for a person who is in the house she grew up in I can relate- I know you will have fun making the house your home- full of love, joy, and hopefully a quiver of kids!

  4. 04/27/2013Aunt Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing; your posts are great!! The Ramon’s are on a new adventure! Enjoy your new home. I love the American flag!!

  5. 04/27/2013Heather says:

    Lindsay! Your new house is just drop dead gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you and Scott do with it. Congratulations and hope the move goes well!

  6. 04/27/2013grandma lois says:

    your post makes me want to cry. I will miss the park but not the stairs and I think Lucas will appreciate more running around space. We can play hide and seek.

  7. 04/28/2013Aunt Karla says:

    Beautiful words Lindsay! May God continue to bless your family as you begin the next chapter of your lives! (Love, love the wrap around porch!) I’m sure great memories will be made there!

  8. 04/30/2013Lindsey Towne says:

    mom wanted to cry. I actually cried. Thanks for this post, Linds.

  9. 04/30/2013Lindsay says:

    Aw, thanks for the kind words and encouragements everyone!

  10. 05/1/2013karen says:

    holy cow, you guys! where is this? also, LOVE!!! 🙂

  11. 05/2/2013Lindsay says:

    Karen, it is in Parkville. Just prepping and planning for a 10-minutes-away move makes me wonder how you did a half-the-world-away move…

  12. 05/13/2013Dee Ramon says:

    it is good to move when Lucas is young, the older he is the harder it gets. your new house is beautiful!