Happy Fourth!

by Lindsay on 07/21/2013


Wait, WHAT?! It’s July 21st? Anyone else wondering where the weeks are going?

I thought this would be a cute tradition following last year’s pictures, but I didn’t even get around to taking these until about a week ago. It was much more difficult this year with Lucas letting me know he is a full blown toddler.

Me: Hey Lucas, sit right here. (sounding really excited, dangling juicy watermelon)

Lucas: NNOOO! (running away laughing)

In the end, I captured a few good ones. And Lucas did a pretty good job on that slice of watermelon.

watermelon montage

lucas watermelon

Lindsay Ramon

There are 6 comments in this article:

  1. 07/21/2013Luraine Cannell says:

    What a great picture this is! I am so fortunate to get these pictures. Thank you for
    the pictures! How many baths did you have to give him after this photo session?

  2. 07/21/2013Joan Nelson says:

    What a change from one year ago! Now he looks more like a little boy than a baby. He obviously enjoyed that chunk of melon.

  3. 07/21/2013Aunt Karen says:

    Yummy! Where did you get that wavy hair, Lucas? I love it!

  4. 07/21/2013Lindsay says:

    Grandma Luraine, I definitely had to hose him off in the shower afterwards!

  5. 07/22/2013Allison says:

    Thanks for sharing these! He takes after his parents….he is such a cutie!

  6. 07/22/2013Lacey Salvati says:

    Omgosh!!!! I live love love the pictures! Lucas is getting so big and he is absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to see you guys and have all this kiddos together!