Happy Birthday, Dear Lucas

by Lindsay on 08/29/2013

big boy

He’s growing up so fast… my little Luigi. Don’t worry, no facial hair yet. Lucas just noticed mustaches were trending so he decided to try one on.  Thanks, Mr. Potato Head.

Our now two-year old is goofy, smart, excitable, observant, cautious, and, at times, challenging. He has the best belly laugh and gives great hugs. Wouldn’t have the birthday without the birth day. We are blessed!

Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 08/29/2013Joan Nelson says:

    Oh, I just burst out laughing at this one…love it!!! And thanks for the memories of his BIRTH DAY. What a blessing these past 2 years have been!

  2. 08/30/2013Aunt Joyce says:

    I agree totally with your description of your little man. What fun! Wish he was closer so we could see him more often but the photo posts on the Ramon family blog help. He is soooo entertaining! And definitely a blessing. Enjoy!

  3. 08/30/2013karen says:

    Can’t believe that was 2 years ago!! Happy birthday! He is so handsome. 🙂

  4. 08/30/2013Great Aunt Karen says:

    Happy Birthday, Lucas!! You always make me smile. Thanks for getting my day off to a great start!
    Loveyas, Aunt Karen

  5. 08/30/2013Allison says:

    Happy Birthday, big guy! Wait a few more years before you have a real mustache, though! We love you! Allison and Vince