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Earlier this year, we traveled back to Illinois for Easter to let Lucas enjoy egg hunting with Scott’s extended family. I captured this really precious memory on video.

If you can’t tell, Lucas responds to Great Grandma Cannell’s song by saying, “Wuhwuh-voo,” which is “I love you.” Since then Lucas has loved watching that video and requests seeing it every time we get the camera out. When we traveled to Illinois in August for the Boone County Fair Lucas was very excited to see “Rammo Canno” again, and I think she was equally excited to sing the song for him again. Recently Lucas’ requests for us to sing the Rammo Canno Song has become a song in itself.

Not only that, but Rammo Canno has become his default answer to most questions. Even when it’s not a Who…? question. It may have started when Scott said to Lucas, “I love you. Who else loves you?” When Lucas answered, “Rammo Canno” we knew it was because of the song. He has probably heard us retell that story and gleaned from the sweet “Awww!”s that followed that it was a good answer. Sometimes it sounds cute, sometimes funny, and sometimes it just makes no sense at all.


Who drives the tractor? Rammo Canno (this story book question always receives this answer, though none of the other questions in the book do)

What is daddy sweeping? Rammo Canno (real answer- leaves)

What do you think that squirrel is looking for? Rammo Canno (after thinking for a second he did say food)

What do you want to be for Halloween? Rammo Canno (Hmm, we’ll see about that one…)