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A Look Back: Kid’s Clothes Week


little lucas wave

This is part of a little series looking back on events that I always wanted to tell you about, but never did.

Have you heard of Kid’s Clothes Week? It is a challenge started by Meg of Elsie Marley to sew for your kid(s) for one hour every day for a week, and it now happens four times a year. It is going on right now, in fact. Sadly, this time around I had too much going on, but I did participate in the fall of 2012 and I never showed off what I made. You know, there were the holidays and hunting for a house and buying a new house and moving and selling our old house and then some life and some more holidays.

I made Lucas some skinny jeans using the e cord pattern from Jessica at Running With Scissors and a pair of Scott’s worn out pants. From what I remember, they weren’t too difficult and I even tried out adjustable waistband elastic for the first time. It’s usually a necessity for my skinny boy, but it was nice to be able to adjust it when he would wear cloth diapers. Since I used an old pair of Scott’s pants, I cut the pattern pieces to include the original hems on the cuffs and pockets.

KCW pants for Lucas

As I was hunting for pictures of the pants I made Lucas, I realized I only had photos from one day of him wearing them. <tear> How cute is that face up there, by the way? Baby hair, tiny hand, and lips that collapse upon barely-there teeth. Looking through the photos was a lot of fun. He had a different toy in his hands in every photo as he practiced walking around the room, bending down, and picking up.

close up lucas pants

My opinion: “skinny pants” on a skinny kid are “normal pants.”

lucas in pants


A Look Back: Halloween 2013



This is the first part of a little series looking back on events that I always wanted to tell you about, but never did.

Back in 2012, I saw this picture of a little boy dressed up as a runner in Parent’s Magazine. I had already decided Lucas would be a chicken that year, but thought I might use that idea in the future. I love to use Lucas’ Halloween costume as a creative outlet instead of buying one. Even though this is the first year I didn’t make anything for the costume, I did have fun rounding up some clothing Lucas already owned and a runner’s bib number from a race I did. I purchased the leggings, socks, and shoes from Target, but they are all very functional (even the girl’s leggings–shh, don’t tell–have been great for layering under jeans for spending time outside on a cold day).

I bribed him to wear the sweatband for just one picture. No wonder he didn’t want to wear it… his eyebrows almost met in the middle with it on. Do you recognize those two buddies in the middle?

little runner costume

That extremely large pumpkin made it’s way to Kansas City from northern Illinois safely buckled in Grandma Lois’ car. She grew it in her garden. Lucas had fun helping us scoop it out and he picked out the shapes for the face, as well. Lucas loved going to neighbors’ houses and loved getting candy even more, but he did get shy every time we wanted him to say, “Trick or Treat” or “Thank you.” Maybe next year.


Sea Life





Lucas and I spent the morning at an aquarium. Our favorite thing was the octopus (and the play area at the end of course).

I figured out how to make posts right from my phone, so maybe they’ll be a bit more frequent… and brief.