Sea Life

by Scott on 01/18/2014




Lucas and I spent the morning at an aquarium. Our favorite thing was the octopus (and the play area at the end of course).

I figured out how to make posts right from my phone, so maybe they’ll be a bit more frequent… and brief.

Scott Ramon

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  1. 01/20/2014Joan Nelson says:

    Wish we lived closer so we could go on these museum & other special outings with you. Looks like fun!

  2. 01/20/2014Aunt Joyce says:

    I’m sure Lucas learned a lot seeing it all up close and real…to go with what he sees in books. Field trips are fun and educational.

  3. 01/21/2014Anonymous says:

    Where is the aquarium?

  4. 01/22/2014Lindsay says:

    The aquarium is near Crown Center.