A Look Back: Kid’s Clothes Week

by Lindsay on 01/31/2014

little lucas wave

This is part of a little series looking back on events that I always wanted to tell you about, but never did.

Have you heard of Kid’s Clothes Week? It is a challenge started by Meg of Elsie Marley to sew for your kid(s) for one hour every day for a week, and it now happens four times a year. It is going on right now, in fact. Sadly, this time around I had too much going on, but I did participate in the fall of 2012 and I never showed off what I made. You know, there were the holidays and hunting for a house and buying a new house and moving and selling our old house and then some life and some more holidays.

I made Lucas some skinny jeans using the e cord pattern from Jessica at Running With Scissors and a pair of Scott’s worn out pants. From what I remember, they weren’t too difficult and I even tried out adjustable waistband elastic for the first time. It’s usually a necessity for my skinny boy, but it was nice to be able to adjust it when he would wear cloth diapers. Since I used an old pair of Scott’s pants, I cut the pattern pieces to include the original hems on the cuffs and pockets.

KCW pants for Lucas

As I was hunting for pictures of the pants I made Lucas, I realized I only had photos from one day of him wearing them. <tear> How cute is that face up there, by the way? Baby hair, tiny hand, and lips that collapse upon barely-there teeth. Looking through the photos was a lot of fun. He had a different toy in his hands in every photo as he practiced walking around the room, bending down, and picking up.

close up lucas pants

My opinion: “skinny pants” on a skinny kid are “normal pants.”

lucas in pants

Lindsay Ramon

There are 4 comments in this article:

  1. 01/31/2014Allison says:

    He looks so little 🙂 But cute as ever! Nice job on the jeans 🙂

  2. 01/31/2014grandma lois says:

    I wish I could wear skinny jeans. Nice job Lindsay and cute model !

  3. 01/31/2014Joan Nelson says:

    Can’t get over how much younger he looks. Glad you posted this even though it’s not a current photo…it’s fun to see how he has changed.
    I’m impressed with the way you sewed in the adjustable elastic waistband. That would be challenging for me, Linds.

  4. 02/8/2014Aunt Karla says:

    I love little boys is jeans. I especially love little boys in the jeans you made! His little butt looks so cute with those pockets! Heehee Great Job!!