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Lucas Lately



Lucas has been in rare form recently, occasionally letting me take a picture of him smiling! Even acting silly! Here are some fun photos so you can get a glimpse of what Lucas is up to lately.

diaper bonnet

Channeling his inner pilgrim woman.

ice cream

At one of his favorite restaurants. The chocolate ice cream goatee was just too cute.


He certainly isn’t deprived of sweets, is he? Some nights he still remembers this cupcake in his bedtime prayers–every part of it. “And dear God, thank you for that cupcake with the sprinkles, and thank you for the frosting, and thank you for the cake and the brown thing on the bottom.”

mowing together

Grandma Lois brought him this fun toy when she visited in May and he loves to help daddy mow the grass. He really is convinced he is doing something.

that neighbor

Yes… he’s that neighbor.