by Lindsay on 10/24/2014


Our last few weeks as a family of three…

This is becoming a bit of a tradition. It was much harder with an opinionated toddler.


Lindsay Ramon

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  1. 10/24/2014grandma lois says:

    I always love these pictures. Looking forward to 4 bodies next time.

  2. 10/24/2014Joan Nelson says:

    Fun photos! Haha… I can just hear the “opinionated toddler” say, “Don’t take my picture!”

  3. 11/8/2014Jo R says:

    I heard you were looking for “old family” names, so thought I should add some. As far as I know Nov. 9 is still the due date, it is also my mother’s bday (Grandma Dell, Grandma in the Dell).

    Her name – Ardella Senora (Christian) Dybvad.

    Ardella – Dell, Della
    Senora – my godmother’s first name too
    Christian – Christina, Christy, etc
    Dybvad – enough said!

    Anxiously awaiting the birth – love those babies!