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A Summer Outing


ladybug ride

mini chariot ride

Our little historic town has quite a celebration for Fourth of July including a pancake breakfast, parade, and a carnival that comes for the weekend. Last year, Lucas loved going on the simple rides that go around in a circle so this year he was anticipating it as he saw the signs around town. Since we can walk to the area where they set up the carnival, we were alarmed before they even finished setting everything up. This year a different company was hired and it looked like they had recovered the rides from an abandoned amusement park… back when people were smaller. Everything was miniature. By the time the rides were supposed to be opening, the crew was already disassembling it because of unmet safety requirements. The games remained open, though, allowing carnival-goers to “win chicks” and rabbits along with the standard goldfish.

win chicks

We didn’t want Lucas to be disappointed, so we decided to take him to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. It took him awhile to soak in all the lights, sounds, and action and until then he wore this face:

ride photo

Once he had tried a few things, he loved the little rides and winning tickets from the games. This video makes me giggle every time I watch it because it was one of the first times I really saw him let loose and dance with reckless abandon. But I already knew he loves to dance.

Dance With the Mouse from Scott Ramon on Vimeo.





Our last few weeks as a family of three…

This is becoming a bit of a tradition. It was much harder with an opinionated toddler.



Lucas Lately



Lucas has been in rare form recently, occasionally letting me take a picture of him smiling! Even acting silly! Here are some fun photos so you can get a glimpse of what Lucas is up to lately.

diaper bonnet

Channeling his inner pilgrim woman.

ice cream

At one of his favorite restaurants. The chocolate ice cream goatee was just too cute.


He certainly isn’t deprived of sweets, is he? Some nights he still remembers this cupcake in his bedtime prayers–every part of it. “And dear God, thank you for that cupcake with the sprinkles, and thank you for the frosting, and thank you for the cake and the brown thing on the bottom.”

mowing together

Grandma Lois brought him this fun toy when she visited in May and he loves to help daddy mow the grass. He really is convinced he is doing something.

that neighbor

Yes… he’s that neighbor.


Father’s Day


Father's Day

On Father’s Day Scott picked out a black polo for Lucas to wear. Lucas commented that it was “like Daddy’s!” So Scott decided to wear his black polo that day, too. When we went out to brunch after church I loved the colors and natural light in the restaurant. Even more I loved watching my two matching boys having fun and loving each other.

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Lucas truly believes there are letters in the alphabet called “taco” and “quesadilla.”


A Look Back: Kid’s Clothes Week


little lucas wave

This is part of a little series looking back on events that I always wanted to tell you about, but never did.

Have you heard of Kid’s Clothes Week? It is a challenge started by Meg of Elsie Marley to sew for your kid(s) for one hour every day for a week, and it now happens four times a year. It is going on right now, in fact. Sadly, this time around I had too much going on, but I did participate in the fall of 2012 and I never showed off what I made. You know, there were the holidays and hunting for a house and buying a new house and moving and selling our old house and then some life and some more holidays.

I made Lucas some skinny jeans using the e cord pattern from Jessica at Running With Scissors and a pair of Scott’s worn out pants. From what I remember, they weren’t too difficult and I even tried out adjustable waistband elastic for the first time. It’s usually a necessity for my skinny boy, but it was nice to be able to adjust it when he would wear cloth diapers. Since I used an old pair of Scott’s pants, I cut the pattern pieces to include the original hems on the cuffs and pockets.

KCW pants for Lucas

As I was hunting for pictures of the pants I made Lucas, I realized I only had photos from one day of him wearing them. <tear> How cute is that face up there, by the way? Baby hair, tiny hand, and lips that collapse upon barely-there teeth. Looking through the photos was a lot of fun. He had a different toy in his hands in every photo as he practiced walking around the room, bending down, and picking up.

close up lucas pants

My opinion: “skinny pants” on a skinny kid are “normal pants.”

lucas in pants


A Look Back: Halloween 2013



This is the first part of a little series looking back on events that I always wanted to tell you about, but never did.

Back in 2012, I saw this picture of a little boy dressed up as a runner in Parent’s Magazine. I had already decided Lucas would be a chicken that year, but thought I might use that idea in the future. I love to use Lucas’ Halloween costume as a creative outlet instead of buying one. Even though this is the first year I didn’t make anything for the costume, I did have fun rounding up some clothing Lucas already owned and a runner’s bib number from a race I did. I purchased the leggings, socks, and shoes from Target, but they are all very functional (even the girl’s leggings–shh, don’t tell–have been great for layering under jeans for spending time outside on a cold day).

I bribed him to wear the sweatband for just one picture. No wonder he didn’t want to wear it… his eyebrows almost met in the middle with it on. Do you recognize those two buddies in the middle?

little runner costume

That extremely large pumpkin made it’s way to Kansas City from northern Illinois safely buckled in Grandma Lois’ car. She grew it in her garden. Lucas had fun helping us scoop it out and he picked out the shapes for the face, as well. Lucas loved going to neighbors’ houses and loved getting candy even more, but he did get shy every time we wanted him to say, “Trick or Treat” or “Thank you.” Maybe next year.


Sea Life





Lucas and I spent the morning at an aquarium. Our favorite thing was the octopus (and the play area at the end of course).

I figured out how to make posts right from my phone, so maybe they’ll be a bit more frequent… and brief.


Latest Obsession


Earlier this year, we traveled back to Illinois for Easter to let Lucas enjoy egg hunting with Scott’s extended family. I captured this really precious memory on video.

If you can’t tell, Lucas responds to Great Grandma Cannell’s song by saying, “Wuhwuh-voo,” which is “I love you.” Since then Lucas has loved watching that video and requests seeing it every time we get the camera out. When we traveled to Illinois in August for the Boone County Fair Lucas was very excited to see “Rammo Canno” again, and I think she was equally excited to sing the song for him again. Recently Lucas’ requests for us to sing the Rammo Canno Song has become a song in itself.

Not only that, but Rammo Canno has become his default answer to most questions. Even when it’s not a Who…? question. It may have started when Scott said to Lucas, “I love you. Who else loves you?” When Lucas answered, “Rammo Canno” we knew it was because of the song. He has probably heard us retell that story and gleaned from the sweet “Awww!”s that followed that it was a good answer. Sometimes it sounds cute, sometimes funny, and sometimes it just makes no sense at all.


Who drives the tractor? Rammo Canno (this story book question always receives this answer, though none of the other questions in the book do)

What is daddy sweeping? Rammo Canno (real answer- leaves)

What do you think that squirrel is looking for? Rammo Canno (after thinking for a second he did say food)

What do you want to be for Halloween? Rammo Canno (Hmm, we’ll see about that one…)


Happy Birthday, Dear Lucas


big boy

He’s growing up so fast… my little Luigi. Don’t worry, no facial hair yet. Lucas just noticed mustaches were trending so he decided to try one on.  Thanks, Mr. Potato Head.

Our now two-year old is goofy, smart, excitable, observant, cautious, and, at times, challenging. He has the best belly laugh and gives great hugs. Wouldn’t have the birthday without the birth day. We are blessed!