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Our last few weeks as a family of three…

This is becoming a bit of a tradition. It was much harder with an opinionated toddler.



Look Familiar?


A quick glance may leave you thinking you have seen this photo before, but upon closer inspection some things are a little odd. One night while we were in Illinois for Christmas, my brother Kacey (who is a graphic designer) started playing around with this photo. The evening ended with all of us huddled around his computer, oohing and awing as we watched his mad Photoshop skills. I will re-post the original in case you want to play a game of “Find the 7 differences.” 


Halloween Costume


As you may have guessed from this sneak peek, Lucas was a chicken for Halloween. I got the idea from this year’s October issue of Parents Magazine. It seemed easy enough to make/assemble. (And this little guy has the cutest chicken legs.) I purchased the long-sleeved onesie which he can wear this winter as a layer under t-shirts. I cut out a “comb” from red felt leftover from last year and sewed it on a plain white hat I bought at Hobby Lobby. The yellow leggings I made by tracing around some slim fitting pajama pants he had. Lucas wore the hat for the Halloween party in the park, but on Halloween he was not interested in wearing any of it, so we didn’t take him to any neighbors’ houses. Maybe next year. Scott took these pictures a few days later.

A few of you have asked about pictures from the Mustache Dash. My friend Valerie and I had fun with it. Another friend, Chelsey, came to cheer us on and take pictures. Unusual for a 5k, we even received mustache-shaped finisher’s medals. Lucas even tried on a mustache for about an eighth of a second.


The Color Run


At the beginning of this month, I ran a 5k called The Color Run. The idea is that everyone wears white and at every kilometer, a different color of dyed powder (edible-grade gulal, made in India) is thrown on the participants by “‘certified’ color throwers.” This race is sweeping the nation and experienced record numbers in Kansas City. They even opened up a second day, and each day sold out with something like 12,000 participants per day. Scott and Lucas humored me and hung out the whole time. Such good sports! Scott even fed Lucas breakfast in his stroller. It is crazy to think we were gone for about 3 hours, although it only took me about 30 minutes to run.

Oh right… it’s called a “run,” but it is more like a walk with the option to run. Maybe it was just my experience, maybe it was the heat. The idea is brilliant, really. There are a million+1 races to sign up for, but only so many runners. The runners’ pockets have been tapped out. This race attracts people who have never run a day, let alone a race, in their lives. The company makes sure everyone knows it is all about having fun. They don’t even time it, so it cuts out the cost of the race timing company. Since no one is really out to set a PR, there is no need for all the carbs and sports drinks at the end. I just hope all the extra profit they end up with lands in the hands of the partner charity. Some interesting sights: people stop-drop-and-rolling in areas where the pavement happened to have a “puddle” of color, a participant with some chew tobacco tucked in his lip (granted, we hadn’t actually started the race yet, but I’m not sure that mattered), purple boogers (what, you don’t look at your tissue after you blow your nose?) and plenty of colorful tutus, wigs, and socks. It isn’t often, outside of a hair salon, you hear color being talked about as a physical thing. “I don’t want to get color on my gum.”

It was a fun experience, and I would definitely recommend it as a great first race or sign up with friends and family.


The Roaming Gnome


Roaming Gnome Lindsay

Lindsay and I are generally well behaved individuals, but this weekend we went a little crazy. Our neighbors are out of town, so we decided to “borrow” their garden gnome and take it on a quick jaunt around the world. They’ll be quite surprised when they start receiving pictures of this little gnome in far off places. We decided to post a few of the shots we took.

Roaming Gnome Eiffel Tower

Here we are at the Eiffel Tower. Paris was just OK… kind of dreary right now.  We ate some croissants, saw the Mona Lisa, etc. It seemed like we weren’t on the ground more than a couple hours before we had to grab our next flight to…

Roaming Gnome Coliseum

Rome! This is a shot of Mr. Gnome taking in the Coliseum. The thing is massive, and it’s amazing to think that it’s still standing in pretty remarkable condition. All the architecture in Rome was awesome, but while we were admiring some, our little traveling partner was almost swiped by a couple of pickpocketers. “Not so fast!” I yelled, like Lee Corso picking against the Trojans (different Coliseum).

Roaming Gnome Pyramids

Here we are in Egypt. I like how the gnome’s hat makes a 4th pyramid in this picture–we hope our neighbors appreciate the composition. By the way, hotel rooms in Cairo are way cheap these days.

Roaming Gnome Statue Liberty

And back to the good ol’ U. S. of A. We had just been to NYC, but figured a photo journey wouldn’t be complete without Lady Liberty. Here’s a shot of the four of us. We tried to hang with the Occupy Wall Street folks, but we had trouble making sense of it all. It was getting late anyway, and we had to return our gnome to our neighbor’s place before they got back.

All in all, it was a successful journey. Saw some great sights, snapped some cool photos, met some interesting people. Now Halloween has snuck up on us, and we need to figure out a costume for Lucas. Yikes.


Contest Results


Blue Ribbon

A few weeks ago, we posted a survey allowing anyone who was interested to guess on several aspects of our delivery. A big thanks to the 31 people who submitted guesses. Here are the much anticipated results:

Overall Winner:  Molly Carrick!

Scott’s cousin Molly guessed correctly on 3 out of the 4 criteria (gender, date, weight)! Nice job Molly! For your excellent achievement, you receive free reign over any and all diaper changing responsibilities when you’re around Lucas. All supplies will be provided free of charge.

Second Place:  Joan Nelson

Lindsay’s mom, Joan, guessed correct on gender and time, and was a mere 1 ounce off on weight. So, nearly 3 correct.

Third Place:  Kent Nelson, Scott Ramon

Kent and Scott got two out of the 3 correct. They will each receive a coveted certificate of participation.