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Our last few weeks as a family of three…

This is becoming a bit of a tradition. It was much harder with an opinionated toddler.



Maternity Skirt


If you haven’t seen me in awhile… no, I’m not 7 months pregnant again. This is another entry for Skirt Week. I made this skirt last summer (when I was pregnant) and I always wanted to do a post about it. I even promised one when I first talked about the fabric I used hereAgain, deadlines + prizes = motivation. I used the Lingering Layers pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s book Handmade Beginnings.

Because of my time crunch (I actually wanted to wear it while I was pregnant), I did not make a muslin to test the fit first and just went by the measurements in the book. It ended up being a bit too big in the hips which affected the way the belly panel fit. The adjustment probably wouldn’t be a hard one to make, just taking it in on each side. This was my first experience cutting on the bias. It was difficult for me since I typically love to scrunch as many pattern pieces out of one cut of fabric as possible. It left the remaining fabric looking like swiss cheese with no useable scraps, but I think it really makes the finished garment more polished. I ended up eliminating pattern piece C and re-cutting a front and back piece joining pattern pieces C and D. I just could not sew such a tight curve without it puckering. Anna Maria mentions in the book how tricky that curve can be and gives tips for sewing it.

My absolute favorite part of this skirt is the ruffle. I found a pearly, sheer fabric as the book suggested, and I love the look of the topstitching around the bottom. I like that the Mama Panel can be replaced with a Top Yoke piece, so it can be worn after the baby is born, although I have not altered mine yet. Overall, I love this skirt and I always received compliments when I wore it.

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Week by Week – 33, 34, and 35


Weeks 33 through 36, baby is compared to a honeydew melon (17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb).  Recently when I was looking through our Pregnancy Weeks photo gallery (click image below), I had to laugh.  I remember thinking around weeks 14, 15, and 16 that I really started getting a bump.  Now I feel like that bump has it’s own set of legs and walks out in front of me.Pregnancy Week 35

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Week by Week – 31 and 32


Baby is still compared to a squash through week 32, around 15 to 16.5 inches and 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.  It was around this time that I took my last run for the foreseeable future.  The heat wave that made it’s way through Kansas City made it difficult to get out during any time of day.  I remember looking at our outdoor thermometer on a couple different occasions. One day it read 141 degrees (granted, it is sitting in the sun) and one night, at 11:00, it read 92 degrees. Even 2 hours after the sun had gone down was to hot for this pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Week 32


Fun Silhouettes


Nelson Atkins Silhouettes

Here are some more shots from our outing at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum.  It was fun, but I got pretty sweaty running back and forth between the wall and the camera.  It was triggered by a timer and was precariously perched on a flimsy tripod which finally broke when I was folding it up.


Week by Week – 29 and 30


It has been almost a month since I did a pregnancy photo update- yikes!  Baby is compared to a squash for weeks 29 through 32.  I wonder if at some point between the papaya, eggplant, and squash the comparisons switched from length to weight.  Maybe the baby weighs as much as a squash at this point, but weight just doesn’t translate as well through photos like length does.  Hmph.  So I went ahead and picked the longest squash I could find.  The curious looking butternut squash.
Pregnancy Week 29 and 30I am pretty behind (still) in my updates (posting this at 36 weeks).  We have the photos taken, but Scott is the timeline-maker so it takes some coordination between us.  If we wait another month to post, the baby will probably be here by then!  So hopefully, we’ll churn out the next 6 weeks of photos and really get caught up soon.

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Nelson Atkins Photos


Nelson Atkins at nightLindsay had the idea to take some silhouette shots at the Nelson Atkins art museum, so last weekend we gave it a try. We have some more pure silhouette photos from that evening that I’ll post later.


Student Gift


Before school was out, I received a gift from a kindergartner in the class I worked in.  She came in the classroom one day and presented me with the matching mother-baby paper fashions, exclaiming, “One for you and one for the baby!”  When I told the little artist thank you for the hats, she corrected me, “No, they’re crowns!”  I’m guessing this little girl will have an Etsy shop someday.


Contest Update


After 2 weeks and 22 responses, our collective brain power has determined that our baby will be a girl by a two vote margin. Thanks for voting, voters! The contest will be open until the time of birth, so you still have plenty of time to vote if you haven’t, or change your vote if you have.

Many errands to {Babys ‘R’ Us, USA Baby, Buy Buy Baby} and busy work on the baby’s room have been greedy in occupying our time. Posts are lining up, but we lack the minutes needed for completion.

Coming soon:  pregnancy update pictures galore, more student artwork, updates on Lindsay’s project(s).

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It’s Contest Time



We’re holding an official contest to see who knows our child the best. Please fill out any or all of the following Official Contest Entry Form if you’d like to participate (which you should do because it’s significantly less fun if no one participates.  Don’t worry, no one will know your responses unless you’re one of the big winners).

To entice your participation, we have secured large prize offerings which will be revealed at a later date.*

The survey is open to anyone. All questions are optional. You may supply multiple answers, but only your latest answer for each question will be accepted.

* This is not exactly true. Only one prize will be awarded and it involves diapers.

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