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Week by Week – 27 and 28


Like I said last week, the baby’s size is compared to an eggplant here.  The eggplants at the grocery store were smaller than the papaya I used last month, so I went for a celery stalk.

After heading back to Illinois for two family weddings on two separate weekends (end of May and early June), we are done traveling until we are a family of 3. The rest of the summer I will be busy sewing and crafting many baby and nursery items.  A project post is on its way.


Week by Week – 25 and 26


For weeks 25 through 28, baby is comparable to an eggplant (about 13.5-14.5 inches).  I will include the produce in the next pregnancy post.

When I was outside for a summer school recess this week, a student (going into 2nd grade) asked, “What’s wrong with your belly?”

“There’s a baby in there,” I replied.

“How are you going to get it out?” he asked.

GULP…uhh…”The baby will come out when it’s ready,” I said, trying to dodge the real question.

With the age group I work with, I still get many questions like: Do you have a baby in your tummy?  Are you pregnant? Are you going to have a baby?  So when an adult, without hesitation, asks “When are you due?”  I am taken aback, forgetting that yes, I am obviously pregnant.


Week by Week – 23 and 24


Again, to catch up here are two new weeks.  The papaya’s length is similar to the baby’s length head to foot, but the baby doesn’t have the opportunity to stretch out straight at this point (though sometimes I’m convinced he or she tries).  And as evidence of my increasingly limited wardrobe, I wore the same shirt two weeks in a row (gah! embarrassing).


Week by Week – 21 and 22


In an effort to catch up, I’ll post 2 weeks here (check back soon for 2 more weeks!).  The 6.5 inch cantaloupe jumps to a 10.5 inch banana because at 21 weeks, the baby is measured from head to toe instead of just “crown to rump.”  About that banana… it was purchased at a food cart in New York City and I carried it around all day so we could take the picture that night in our hotel room. And starting at week 22, the produce changes by the month, not the week, so we’ll include the papaya in the next picture.

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Week By Week – 20


Week 20’s cantaloupe looks extremely large next to my mini mango from last week, but it was a pretty accurate 6.5″ length (and remember length is all we’re looking at here).  Even though we have heard the heartbeat a few times now, the other day I was baffled by the thought that there are 2 hearts in my body right now.  I also thought about how thankful I am for God’s design of human pregnancy.  I’m not sure I’d be patient enough to sit on an egg.

A couple of the little girls in the classroom I work in have been creatively inspired by my pregnancy.  Here is some of their artwork.  So cute!  This one, titled “Mrsr Ramone” is a picture of me handing a smiling, swaddled baby over to Scott.

This one is a little harder to see since the artist chose a green cardstock and a metallic yellow marker.  Titled “Mrs. Rmoon,” is a picture of me celebrating (I love the arms in the air!) as the baby is crawling.


Week By Week – 19


This week’s produce brought about another obstacle that I hadn’t experienced since the plum and peach weeks.  My local grocery store had about 15 mangoes, none of which were over 5 inches.  So I chose one of the only ripe ones even though it is smaller than last week’s sweet potato.  So imagine that it is about an inch and a half longer.

I had a dream this week that Scott and I looked in the envelope and found out the baby’s gender.  Then I felt bad in the dream because we had ruined the surprise.

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“Hi there”


Sonogram Baby Face

Well, here he/she is! This is our first real look at the little guy/gal that is being formed in Lindsay’s belly. We had the sonographer write the gender on the back of the relevant image which now resides in a sealed envelope in our house. Initially I was sure that I wanted to find out if it is a boy or a girl, but I’ve since moved more toward Lindsay’s stance of wanting to be surprised.

The baby was very active, which was cool to see. Its feet were rather fidgety just like its father, and we saw baby yawn a few times so we know it takes after Lindsay too. I think our child looks like both of us at this point since it mostly resembles a human skeleton. We’ll get the low-down on the health at our next appointment later this month.


Week By Week – 18


Milestone for this week:  feeling the baby move!  The first time I felt the baby move was actually around 16 weeks.  At work one day, it felt like a hummingbird suspended in water was trapped in my belly.  It was brief and I hadn’t really felt anything I was as certain about since that day.  Over the weekend, as I lay down for bed, I put my hand on my belly and I felt a few sporadic taps. The next day at work I felt the baby (on the inside) all day long.  I think feeling the taps on the outside helped me make the connection to what it felt like on the inside.  Or maybe it just made me more conscious of it.  Scott was able to feel the tapping, too.

Pregnancy Week 18

On another note, this week’s produce is a sweet potato.  I stopped referring to the type of produce, but if you click on the photo above it will take you to a gallery of each individual picture with the produce as part of the name.  The website I have been using for the size references is The Bump and so far, it is referencing only the crown-to-rump (head-to-tush) length.  The width of the produce is irrelevant. (So, no, my baby is not on a yo-yo diet.)

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Week By Week – 17


Well, this is first week that I have not been able to button my pants in the picture.  Like I said last week, I have not been able to button my work pants for at least a week now, but this week’s growth eliminated all but one pair of jeans.

I have had a cold for the past week.  Without the freedom to take things like Airborne, Cold-Eeze lozenges, or any cold relief medicine that I would usually take with a cold, my best friends have become oranges, hot tea, and NeilMed sinus rinse.  When I had a cold earlier in my pregnancy, I used the sinus rinse as soon as I noticed myself sneezing and sniffling and I started feeling better the next day.  This time around, not so much.  It has been lingering.

Lindsay Pregnancy Week 17


Week By Week – 16


My parents visited during the last half of my spring break.  We had a good time! Mom and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart one day to look at cribs.  She also brought me lots of cute clothes.  They weren’t all maternity clothes; some just had extra room in the torso.  I was glad to have them because I feel like the last day or two that they were here, my stomach “popped out.”  Upon my return to work, I couldn’t button any of my pants so I broke out the rubber-band-around-the-button trick and the BellaBand.  My jeans are a different story.  I can still button them, more stretch, I guess.

Lindsay Pregnancy Week 16

One little kindergartner has become very enthusiastic about me having a baby. She asked if I wanted a boy or girl.  I answered that I just wanted a healthy baby. Later in the day, she said, “Besides a healthy baby, which do you want: a boy or girl.”  This is the same little girl who ran up to me at recess one day asking quickly, “Is the baby still the size of a lemon?”  I said, “No, this week it’s an avocado.”  Two other little girls had joined us by now, so she excitedly told them, “Okay, pretend I’m the size of an adocabo!” She explained herself by telling me they were playing house and she was the baby.  I love six year-olds.