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Lucas Car

Sorry again for the slow updates. Things have been very busy for us in preparation for Christmas. Among other things, we had been shopping for a new car that would be a little more family-friendly. Lucas was helping me narrow down the options.

Crossroads Christmas

We have an annual evening Christmas service at Crossroads Church. It’s always a rich, hearty, joyful atmosphere. Here are a couple shots.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive Christmas update.

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KC Chiefs

I realize there are probably more Bears fans than Chiefs fans who read this blog… but I feel like it’s my duty to point out that it was a pretty good weekend for me.

Illinois Gonzaga

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Kauffman Center


Kauffman Center Lobby

A few weeks ago Lindsay’s parents came to Kansas City to visit on a weekend when we had ballet tickets. They were nice enough to babysit Lucas while we ran off to the performance at the brand new Kauffman Center. The facility is outstanding, and we feel privileged to have this world class performing arts center in Kansas City. These are some shots from the lobby.

Kauffman Center Lobby

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Halloween Pictures


Lucas and Blake Halloween Costumes

Here are Lucas and Lindsay with our neighbor Melissa and her son Blake who is two weeks older than Lucas. Lindsay helped Melissa make Blake’s gingerbread outfit. Both of these guys look so cute in their costumes.

Lucas the Gnome

We went to a neighborhood Halloween party last weekend, and Lucas wore his costume. Most people thought he was an elf or even Santa Claus. The ladies at the party were super excited to see him.

Lucas Pumpkin Outfit

Here’s an outfit that was a gift from Grandma Lois. Lucas seemed to enjoy the little pumpkin hat.

Our Pumpkins

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year. Lindsay was still finishing hers half-way through the trick-or-treating evening, but it looks really cool. Mine is a reference to the film The Red Balloon which I remember from my childhood. We had nearly 100 trick-or-treaters come by our place!


New (Old) Updates


Great Grandma Ramon

Lucas was so excited to meet his Great Grandma Ramon a couple weeks ago.  We were lucky enough to have her visit along with my Aunt Dee on their way to Chicago from Arizona. We had a great time visiting with them, and we even went out to a couple restaurants while they were here. Lucas did great. A big big thanks to Dee and Grandma both for visiting!

STCnow 5K

That same (chilly) weekend, Lucas was in his first 5K. A group from our church participated in the run/walk that benefited Stop Child Trafficking Now. Lindsay pushed Lucas in the stroller and I ran. We’re pretty sure Lucas won his age group.


Our church family has been so generous in offering their time to bring us meals. One of the many delicious selections was this vegan meal made for us by Erik and Lesley. Lesley has quite the vegan cooking blog which includes a post on these AMAZING carrot balls. I’m currently in talks with the carrot ball board of directors to get them a more marketable name.

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Oskee Wow Wow


Lucas Illini

The Illini beat a pretty decent Arizona State squad yesterday in Champaign. Awesome way to start the season, 3-0. The game reminded me that one of the characters on the right was deemed so offensive by the NCAA that it had to be discontinued.



James Cannell

My grandfather passed away Saturday morning. Grandpa Jim was a good, honest, firm, hard working man. There are few people who I respect as much as I respect him, and I’d be a better man if I could gain just a sliver of the wisdom he’d gathered in his 92 years. His consistent, thoughtful, and steady demeanor is something that I often think on and try to imitate. His impact in his community is far-reaching, but his legacy will live on in his family who love him and love each other.

The obituary is posted here.


July 4th


Farmer's Market Food

My mom visited for the 4th, and we had a busy weekend. Above you can see our take from our Saturday trip to the farmer’s market and the Sunday lunch that resulted. Most of the other food was eaten as a picnic on the 4th while watching the Air Force jazz band.

Golfing at Shoal Creek

It was a pretty warm weekend, but we managed to get out quite a bit. Lindsay was a our designated cart passenger and photographer for golf. We also played tennis Sunday and Monday mornings.

Lemonade Stand - Jazz

I’m an absolute sucker for lemonade stands, especially on the 4th of July. On the right you can see a shot of the outdoor Air Force jazz band concert we saw. This is the second time we’ve seen this Independence Day event which takes place less than 5 minutes from our house.


Joplin, MO


I took a lonely drive down to Joplin early Saturday morning to help out where help was needed. It was an incredible experience. Hard to put it into words.

I arrived very early so I could take pictures while everything was silent. Then I helped a couple different people sort through their things to identify what could be saved. Most things worth saving were ruined. Everything was wet and muddy. Everyone there has a story, and they’re all pretty amazing.


KC Royals


Kansas City RoyalsLindsay and I were able to go to a Kansas City Royals game last week. My company has a suite at the park which employees can use from time-to-time. Unfortunately the weather was unseasonably cold, but fortunately the Royals won. They continue to overachieve… fingers crossed.

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