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Royals Opening Day


Royals Home OpenerI had a chance to sit in on the first loss of the season today.  I’m sure many great seasons have begun 0-1.  (right?)



Spring is trying to arrive in Kansas City. This photo was taken on the front lawn of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art where we spent an afternoon with Lindsay’s parents. A very new exhibit displays the original copy of James Naismith’s rules of basketball–a document whose importance is easy to underestimate. It was very cool to see, especially this time of year when the impact of those pages is perhaps at its peak.

True to form, the Kansas City weather is tossing curve balls. The day before the above picture was taken we had a good dousing of hail.


Snofa 2011


Here is our 2011 attempt at some form of interesting snow art.  This year’s installment incorporates a fun element of usefulness, providing a nice stopping point for the walkers and joggers that frequent the park adjacent to our home. With all the traditional benches completely covered with snow, the demand for a pleasant, restful waypoint went through the roof.

So, why not explore the irony presented by a bench completely made out of snow? Would people engage or would they just pass by?

Design considerations:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Comfort
  • Attention to detail

It was cool to see how people approached it.  Even the dogs enjoyed peeing on it… and once one does it, they all feel the urge.  The last two shots are exactly one week later after the temperature had warmed significantly.  Enjoy.

We made this guy a few years ago: