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Valentine’s Day Breakfast


Blue Bird Bistro

Yeah it’s not Valentine’s day yet, but we decided to celebrate it as a family by getting breakfast at Blue Bird Bistro, one of our favorite Kansas City restaurants. My pancakes with sweet potatoes, granola, and cinnamon were delicious, and Lindsay’s french toast was great as usual.

Blue Bird Bistro


Kauffman Center


Kauffman Center Lobby

A few weeks ago Lindsay’s parents came to Kansas City to visit on a weekend when we had ballet tickets. They were nice enough to babysit Lucas while we ran off to the performance at the brand new Kauffman Center. The facility is outstanding, and we feel privileged to have this world class performing arts center in Kansas City. These are some shots from the lobby.

Kauffman Center Lobby

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100% Natural


I’m a big fan of granola–not the type that has all kinds of terrible surprises like dried fruit and cinnamon flavoring.  I like kind that manufacturers like Back To Nature call “Classic.” Lindsay bought this package for me last week and it is really good stuff, but as far as I’m concerned, granola makers who attempt the “Classic” variety are all chasing the Kroger generic brand “100% Natural Cereal” cereal.  It got me thinking that the 100% Natural tag is an ambitious slogan, but one that is not at all uncommon.

Another notable in this genre:  Heartland Granola Cereal (original variety of course). Come on folks, give boring food another try.


The Lost Thing


Congratulations to The Lost Thing which won the Oscar for best animated short. It’s a great little film and worth a watch.

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