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Two Weddings and a Birthday


A couple weeks ago we flew to Chicago for a couple weddings–my cousin Phil and Lindsay’s cousin Andrew. We spent the week in between these events in Peoria and Belvidere. Conveniently, this trip coincided with Lucas’ first birthday, so Lindsay brought some decorations and we threw a few parties. Lucas nabbed a bunch of sweet loot in the process. Here are some pictures from Chicago/Peoria:

…and here are some pictures from Belvidere:

Lindsay will post later with more detail about her birthday party ideas/decorations. Stay tuned.


Maine Trip


Last month we packed up and headed to Portland, ME for my cousin Eileen’s wedding. This was our first real family vacation, Lucas’ first plane ride (four of them), his first boat ride, first swim, first hotel stay, etc, etc, and so forth. Enjoy these photos

Portland was a pretty cool city–we appreciated the useful blend of touristy convenience with an active local arts/cultural scene. It was fun to hang out with extended family who we don’t see nearly as often as we’d like.


The Roaming Gnome


Roaming Gnome Lindsay

Lindsay and I are generally well behaved individuals, but this weekend we went a little crazy. Our neighbors are out of town, so we decided to “borrow” their garden gnome and take it on a quick jaunt around the world. They’ll be quite surprised when they start receiving pictures of this little gnome in far off places. We decided to post a few of the shots we took.

Roaming Gnome Eiffel Tower

Here we are at the Eiffel Tower. Paris was just OK… kind of dreary right now.  We ate some croissants, saw the Mona Lisa, etc. It seemed like we weren’t on the ground more than a couple hours before we had to grab our next flight to…

Roaming Gnome Coliseum

Rome! This is a shot of Mr. Gnome taking in the Coliseum. The thing is massive, and it’s amazing to think that it’s still standing in pretty remarkable condition. All the architecture in Rome was awesome, but while we were admiring some, our little traveling partner was almost swiped by a couple of pickpocketers. “Not so fast!” I yelled, like Lee Corso picking against the Trojans (different Coliseum).

Roaming Gnome Pyramids

Here we are in Egypt. I like how the gnome’s hat makes a 4th pyramid in this picture–we hope our neighbors appreciate the composition. By the way, hotel rooms in Cairo are way cheap these days.

Roaming Gnome Statue Liberty

And back to the good ol’ U. S. of A. We had just been to NYC, but figured a photo journey wouldn’t be complete without Lady Liberty. Here’s a shot of the four of us. We tried to hang with the Occupy Wall Street folks, but we had trouble making sense of it all. It was getting late anyway, and we had to return our gnome to our neighbor’s place before they got back.

All in all, it was a successful journey. Saw some great sights, snapped some cool photos, met some interesting people. Now Halloween has snuck up on us, and we need to figure out a costume for Lucas. Yikes.


New York


I promise this will be the last post about New York, but we just posted our trip itinerary and our (abridged) photo album here. You should check it out.

Here are some teasers:

Check out the full album along with descriptions of what we did.


NYC – statue of liberty


Statue of Liberty Crown

We purchased tickets in advance that allowed us to be two of the select few to climb to Lady Liberty’s crown. It made the visit worth while, and we highly recommend it. The images above were captured from the crown, and in one of the shots below we have our heads poked out of the crown and the camera held out pointing back at us (pardon the expression on my face, it was windy).

Statue of Liberty

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NYC – central park