Latest Obsession

by Lindsay on 09/23/2013

Earlier this year, we traveled back to Illinois for Easter to let Lucas enjoy egg hunting with Scott’s extended family. I captured this really precious memory on video.

If you can’t tell, Lucas responds to Great Grandma Cannell’s song by saying, “Wuhwuh-voo,” which is “I love you.” Since then Lucas has loved watching that video and requests seeing it every time we get the camera out. When we traveled to Illinois in August for the Boone County Fair Lucas was very excited to see “Rammo Canno” again, and I think she was equally excited to sing the song for him again. Recently Lucas’ requests for us to sing the Rammo Canno Song has become a song in itself.

Not only that, but Rammo Canno has become his default answer to most questions. Even when it’s not a Who…? question. It may have started when Scott said to Lucas, “I love you. Who else loves you?” When Lucas answered, “Rammo Canno” we knew it was because of the song. He has probably heard us retell that story and gleaned from the sweet “Awww!”s that followed that it was a good answer. Sometimes it sounds cute, sometimes funny, and sometimes it just makes no sense at all.


Who drives the tractor? Rammo Canno (this story book question always receives this answer, though none of the other questions in the book do)

What is daddy sweeping? Rammo Canno (real answer- leaves)

What do you think that squirrel is looking for? Rammo Canno (after thinking for a second he did say food)

What do you want to be for Halloween? Rammo Canno (Hmm, we’ll see about that one…)


Happy Birthday, Dear Lucas

by Lindsay on 08/29/2013

big boy

He’s growing up so fast… my little Luigi. Don’t worry, no facial hair yet. Lucas just noticed mustaches were trending so he decided to try one on.  Thanks, Mr. Potato Head.

Our now two-year old is goofy, smart, excitable, observant, cautious, and, at times, challenging. He has the best belly laugh and gives great hugs. Wouldn’t have the birthday without the birth day. We are blessed!


Happy Fourth!

by Lindsay on 07/21/2013


Wait, WHAT?! It’s July 21st? Anyone else wondering where the weeks are going?

I thought this would be a cute tradition following last year’s pictures, but I didn’t even get around to taking these until about a week ago. It was much more difficult this year with Lucas letting me know he is a full blown toddler.

Me: Hey Lucas, sit right here. (sounding really excited, dangling juicy watermelon)

Lucas: NNOOO! (running away laughing)

In the end, I captured a few good ones. And Lucas did a pretty good job on that slice of watermelon.

watermelon montage

lucas watermelon


Daddy’s Little Man

by Scott on 06/16/2013



We’re Still Here

by Lindsay on 06/14/2013


We have been spending the last few weeks doing a lot of cleaning, slowly rolling over little bumps in the road, and walking to local eateries and shops. We have not been doing as much unpacking as we hoped would happen in the first few weeks. Many things are still in boxes waiting for a home in our new home. Lucas has been growing like a weed in height, personality, and vocabulary. And we are trying to soak up every minute of this fun age. A few photos to make you smile…





Sentimental Me

by Lindsay on 04/25/2013

The above pictures were taken in January of 2006. Scott had just moved everything he owned from his downtown Kansas City apartment to our new rowhome using his Grand Prix. I had come out for a visit to see the place I would be living after our April wedding. We took pictures throughout the house so I could show my family in Illinois. We always new this two-bedroom place would be a starter home and planned to spend 5-7 years here. Almost exactly 7 years from the day I moved in, we will move out.

We recently purchased a charming, Victorian home in a neighboring town. Scott has been on a hunt to determine if the 1875 year we were given is accurate. We are so excited about it, although it is very different from our new-construction rowhome. No more double vanity in the master bathroom (master bathroom?), no more walk in closets, no more garage. While we were house hunting, we dismissed the Victorian house for those very reasons. As we continued to look, we realized we wanted a place with character. A place where we would love coming home and not be too embarrassed at it’s frivolity. We both came back to the old home because it fit the bill. It feels genuine. It feels like “us.”

We realize that, while it is in great shape and has had many updates already, it will probably become our new hobby and creative undertaking. We will spend evenings and weekends fixing this, building that, and deciding how to think outside the box (er… closet) for storage.

For me, moving is bittersweet. I have really only lived in two homes my entire life (aside from college dorms and apartments). I moved from the home where I spent the first 24 years of my life to the home where I spent the past 7 years. Sentimental Me will miss having a view and instant accessibility of a great park. Sentimental Me will miss walking with Lucas and Scott to the library, post office, wading pool, CVS and a couple restaurants. Sentimental Me loves being able to walk around the house in the dark because I know it that well. Sentimental Me will miss being a stone’s throw from a great neighbor and fellow stay-at-home-mom, not to mention all our other sweet neighbors. Sentimental Me doesn’t like getting rid of things because we won’t have room to store them. Sentimental Me wishes we could just live in our current place for a really long time.

Then there is Grateful Me. I am really grateful that we’ve been blessed with the ability to buy a house and spend 7 years here making great memories. I’m grateful we will be within walking distance to a coffee shop, restaurants, a different (but equally good) park, and farmer’s market. We are excited about the many festivals and celebrations that take place in the park. I’m looking forward to letting Lucas dig around in the yard (a yard!) or the neighborhood garden across the street. We are excited to decorate the rooms in a more quirky, whimsical way than was fitting at our rowhome.

All in all, I think it will just take time for me to feel equally sentimental about our new, old home. While I’m not a big fan of major change, it is comforting to think that no matter where we go in life and no matter what happens, God never changes. He is constant and always there. God also continues to remind me that he is the Giver of all our good gifts and our cup overflows!


Comparing Baby Photos (Part 2)

by Lindsay on 04/8/2013

Are you bursting with anticipation for this post? As promised, here are some comparison photos of Lucas with some of my own baby photos. While most people comment on how much he looks like Scott, I can see a few of my features, too, namely the brown eyes. When Lucas was about 5 months old someone pointed out to me that he had my dark eyes and I had to take a closer look. They changed so gradually from the newborn, steely-blue color that I didn’t even notice.

I must apologize for the sparse updates. Many of you know we are moving in about a month (more on that later) and the blog is one of many things that have taken a back seat in life lately. Thanks for continuing on this journey with us!


Comparing Baby Photos (Part 1)

by Lindsay on 03/3/2013

With a new baby often comes the question, “Who does he look like?”  Or people will offer their opinions. With Lucas, I think the majority of people have commented that they think he looks like Scott. I love to think that I have a mini-Scott running around the house. I thought it would be fun to compare baby photos of Scott and Lucas. Since this post is heavy on the pictures, I will compare my own baby photos with Lucas’ in another post.  Stay tuned!

As I’ve searched through many baby photos, I think that Lucas is a good mix of both of his parents while being uniquely him!

This post is made possible by the generous support of: my Linux-loyal husband who so graciously worked his keyboard-clicking skills on my Mac to find and undelete all of these photo compositions that I unknowingly erased. I owe him big time!

Look Familiar?

by Lindsay on 01/26/2013

A quick glance may leave you thinking you have seen this photo before, but upon closer inspection some things are a little odd. One night while we were in Illinois for Christmas, my brother Kacey (who is a graphic designer) started playing around with this photo. The evening ended with all of us huddled around his computer, oohing and awing as we watched his mad Photoshop skills. I will re-post the original in case you want to play a game of “Find the 7 differences.” 


Nelson Atkins Silhouettes – part II

by Scott on 12/26/2012

Nelson Atkins at Night

In August of 2011, Lindsay and I shot some pictures in front of the white illuminated walls of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. She was nine months pregnant at the time. We had intended to return around Lucas’ first birthday to take some more shots… we finally did last month.

Nelson Atkins at Night