by Scott on 12/24/2012

Here is an older video I uploaded about a month ago but forgot to post. Merry Christmas!

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End Result…Success

by Lindsay on 12/2/2012

We had a wonderful time back in Illinois for Thanksgiving and enjoyed seeing many of you. It’s hard to believe Lucas’ second Christmas is just around the corner. He just turned fifteen months and is still small for his age. Some of his favorite things to do in the park recently: swing, pick up garbage, and carry around a stick or pinecone. Some of Lindsay’s favorite things recently: leg hugs (from Lucas, of course) and looking down to a little boy requesting, “up.” Some of Scott’s favorite things recently: spring weather in December (so he can go mountain biking) and rooting for a winning team.

If you aren’t already singing it, what are a few of your favorite things?


Halloween Costume

by Lindsay on 11/17/2012

As you may have guessed from this sneak peek, Lucas was a chicken for Halloween. I got the idea from this year’s October issue of Parents Magazine. It seemed easy enough to make/assemble. (And this little guy has the cutest chicken legs.) I purchased the long-sleeved onesie which he can wear this winter as a layer under t-shirts. I cut out a “comb” from red felt leftover from last year and sewed it on a plain white hat I bought at Hobby Lobby. The yellow leggings I made by tracing around some slim fitting pajama pants he had. Lucas wore the hat for the Halloween party in the park, but on Halloween he was not interested in wearing any of it, so we didn’t take him to any neighbors’ houses. Maybe next year. Scott took these pictures a few days later.

A few of you have asked about pictures from the Mustache Dash. My friend Valerie and I had fun with it. Another friend, Chelsey, came to cheer us on and take pictures. Unusual for a 5k, we even received mustache-shaped finisher’s medals. Lucas even tried on a mustache for about an eighth of a second.


Fall in Kansas City

by Scott on 10/31/2012

Fall Leaves

Here is a batch of fall pictures that have been queuing up for the past month or so. The first set was taken at a company outing at a nearby pumpkin patch/petting zoo. The weather was nice; Lucas liked the roosters the best.

Here is another pumpkin patch–this time with some friends from our church and some local Burmese families that we work with. Lindsay, along with some of the other folks in the pictures, spend time with them weekly working mostly on their english.

Last weekend, North Kansas City held a Halloween event in the park near our house. It was too cold for Lucas to wear his whole costume, but the hat worked pretty well. You’ll see pictures of the rest of it soon.

Here are some shots of us playing in the park. Some were taken when Lindsay’s parents were here, and the rest were taken last weekend. We can’t seem to get Lucas to wear mittens. I’m not sure how that’s going to work when it gets really cold.


Family Updates

by Scott on 10/14/2012

Lucas Looking out Window

Here are some family updates:

  • Lucas is walking everywhere; falls often, but is quick to get back on his feet. Loves music, especially the accordion, tambourine, and trumpet. Says some things: water, cracker, baby, happy, doo-doo, vacuum, park, soccer. Becoming a picky eater.
  • Lindsay is working on a clothing project for Lucas. She has a Mayan cooking class with a friend this week. Ran in a 5k over the weekend in which she wore a (fake) mustache.
  • Scott has started playing soccer again after taking the summer off to mountain bike. Hopes to continue biking into the late fall–hard to do with shorter days.



A Couple Videos

by Scott on 10/7/2012

Sorry we’ve not been super active in the past weeks. I’ve rediscovered my passion for mountain biking, so I’ve had to sacrifice picture posting time while the weather is nice. Here are a couple videos though.

Lucas shows off his dance moves in this first one. It’s old, but too adorable to leave out.

Here is Lucas showing off his new skill: WALKING! Yes, he’s walking now, and he definitely prefers that to crawling.


by Lindsay on 10/1/2012


Sailboat Party

by Lindsay on 09/13/2012

I started thinking about Lucas’s first birthday party about 2 months in advance. I found inspiration in a photo of a cake that had a paper bunting (triangle flags) topper. Somehow that led me to “sailboat” and I ran with it.  I figured this may be the only birthday where Lucas has no preferred theme. I had so much fun creating many of the decorations for this party. It was my creative outlet for awhile. Some items I bought from a couple different craft stores, but most of the handmade decorations were ideas I saw on Pinterest. I also had a lot of help once we arrived in Illinois.

In Peoria, my mom had many of my requests on hand and helped me assemble some of the decorations, as did my sister-in-law, Stephanie. In Belvidere, Aunt Carol brought some blue punch with frothy, ice cream waves. My mother-in-law, Lois, made a lot of the food (specifically the deviled eggs which we turned into sailboats). Allison helped with the watermelon shark whale. Everyone had a hand in the cute life preserver “thank you” cookies (making the dough, cutting them out, baking, frosting, bagging). And a special thanks goes to the two cake bakers. That’s a birthday party’s main decoration! Lindsey made a delicious coconut cake for my little Sculpey sailboat topper, which I plan to turn into a Christmas ornament. And, in keeping with tradition, Grandma Cannell made a very special sailboat shaped cake complete with foil wrapped coins scattered throughout.

I don’t plan on going all out on the decorations every year, but the first year birthday is extra special. Just remind me of this in about 10 months when I get that glassy-eyed look while perusing Pinterest.


Two Weddings and a Birthday

by Scott on 09/6/2012

A couple weeks ago we flew to Chicago for a couple weddings–my cousin Phil and Lindsay’s cousin Andrew. We spent the week in between these events in Peoria and Belvidere. Conveniently, this trip coincided with Lucas’ first birthday, so Lindsay brought some decorations and we threw a few parties. Lucas nabbed a bunch of sweet loot in the process. Here are some pictures from Chicago/Peoria:

…and here are some pictures from Belvidere:

Lindsay will post later with more detail about her birthday party ideas/decorations. Stay tuned.


by Scott on 08/27/2012

Dinner Faces